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Archery Shown Safe

By Patrick Durkin

Sep 21, 2005, 00:21

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Independent Research Verifies that Archery is Safe for

New ?Insight? publication by ArrowSport provides
testimonials and statistics that prove archery is a safe sport enjoyed by
young and old, male and female.

Even as schools, municipalities and
state wildlife agencies across the country expand archery programs and build new
archery ranges, they?re continually questioned about the sport?s safety record.
To better address those questions, ArrowSport now offers an 8-page, full-color
?Insight? pamphlet titled, ?Is Archery a Safe Sport?

Archery – Safe sport for everyone

The ?Insight? pamphlet provides independent research and
firsthand testimonials from teachers, administrators and instructors that show
archery is one of North America?s safest sports. The pamphlet is available to
schools, recreation departments, private groups and anyone else considering
whether to offer archery in their curriculum or program, or include archery
ranges as part of their facility.

?We?ve always known archery is fun and
safe, whether you?re in grade school or living in a retirement community,? said
Denise Parker, vice president of the Archery Trade Association. ?We were so
confident in that belief that we purposely sought independent research from the
insurance industry, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the sporting
goods industry to see where archery stacks up in terms of safety. No matter
where we looked, the statistics exceeded our expectations. This pamphlet puts
all those results into one comprehensive, easy-to-read

Parker said the staff of ATA and its nonprofit foundation
ArrowSport expect questions about safety every time a school or private group
considers whether to offer archery. ?You have to assume that almost everyone on
a school board or rec committee will have little to no experience with archery,
and that they?ll ask safety questions,? Parker said. ?They?re just doing their
jobs. But after they review this information, they?ll better understand why
archery is one of the safest, most beneficial sports they can

Among the information cited in ArrowSport?s ?Insight? publication
are comparisons of injury rates per 1,000 youths participating in archery,
bowling, golf, soccer, baseball and basketball. The injury statistics are
gathered by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), which is
part of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Injury rates for
soccer, baseball and basketball were 15 to 25 times greater than for archery.
Further, golf and fishing produced 1.5 to 2 times as many injuries as
Because archery is so safe, insurance companies rank it with
other low-danger sports such as badminton, golf and tennis. ?We have yet to hear
of a school that had to take out additional liability insurance to include
archery in their program,? Parker said. ?Archery?s track record shows it?s not a
sport that concerns insurance companies.?
Dave Bagley, school
superintendent for Antwerp Schools in Ohio, explains why archery is so safe for
all age groups: ?Archery offers a controlled environment. In comparison, when
you put a ball in the air and get kids running, jumping and spinning around,
almost anything can happen. Archery allows us to teach a safe, lifetime skill
kids can practice almost anywhere.?
The ?Insight? pamphlet also explains
and illustrates how to safely set up indoor and outdoor archery ranges, and the
six steps for safely conducting archery shooting lessons. As Gene Wilhoit,
commissioner of Kentucky?s Department of Education says, archery is safe because
a well-run class follows specific procedures.
?Because we emphasize
safety with our students, conduct training for all teachers, and adhere to
standard procedures, we have a remarkable safety record,? Wilhoit said.
?Vigilant school districts are always concerned about liability issues,
especially with sports and recreation activities. Archery consistently proves
itself one of the safest sports taught in our public schools? physical education
Copies of ?Insight: Is Archery a Safe Sport? Yes!? are
available from ArrowSport. Contact the foundation at (866) 266-2776; visit its
web site, ; or
email Kelly Kelly at

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