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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Great Bowhunts now available!
By Matt Burrows - Stick and String Outfitters
Jan 23, 2007, 13:34

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Sponsored By Stick & String Outfitters and Trophy Ridge

Stick & String Outfitters has a new top-quality trophy Wyoming mule deer outfitter that has some incredible archery hunting for huge mule deer. This bowhunting-only ranch literally has some of the best archery trophy mule deer hunting in North America! In 2006, 11 archers bagged 9 bucks. All but one of the bucks were Pope & Young, three bucks were over 180, and the largest was 203. Most hunting is from TREESTANDS over food plots along the river bottom (bowhunting only) which has been very successful or spot and stalking. You won't find a better place to bowhunt trophy mule deer.


Our outfitter leases 150,000 acres of some of the best mule deer habitat in the West. The property includes 34 miles of river bottom with food plots and hunting will be by spot and stalk and treestands. This ranch is made for bowhunting and the success rate is usually very high. ALL OF THE RIVER BOTTOM IS BOWHUNTING ONLY.

Trophy Quality

Now this is a mule deer.

The quality of the game on this ranch is excellent. We strive to harvest only deer that are in the excess of 26 inches wide and score above 170 B&C points and bucks up to 200 inches have been harvested.

Food and Lodging

Our outfitter provides a fully guided hunt from the time the hunter arrives until the hunter departs. Comfortable cabins and a lodge where delicious home-cooked meals are served contribute to the homestyle hospitality of your stay. Hot showers and a pool table add to the comfort of your stay.


Wyoming is a draw state for nonresident hunters. The application deadline is March 15 for deer and antelope. Deer licenses are easy to draw.  

You can also combine your hunt with an antelope hunt and last year all bucks harvested with archery equipment were between 75 and 84 inches!

Please go to my website to learn about all the details of the hunt at I will be hunting the ranch myself in early September and would be happy for you to join me.

Thank you

Matt Burrows Stick & String Outfitters
303-524-2461 cell
303-816-1136 evenings


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