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Columnists : Rick Philippi
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Scent Control
By Rick Phillipi
Nov 25, 2006, 06:05

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  ELIMITRAX Equals Scent Free Protection 

Author wearing snug fitting, scent free Elimitrax Over-Boots

For hunters and outdoorsman in general one of the greatest inventions has finally hit the market.  It is a product that virtually eliminates all odors and to all intents and purposes makes one disappear.  The name of this incredible product is ELIMITRAX.  It is a patented over the boot system that creates a totally scent free barrier between the hunter and environment.

What makes ELIMITRAX scent free is the new plastics technology the company has created.  Just about every form of footwear and clothing, even when using liquid eliminating scent products still fail to adequately eliminate all human odors. With ELIMITRAX you are odor free from the ground to your thigh.  In conjunction with ELIMISCENT gloves you can feel comfortable in knowing you are 100% odor free everywhere you walk and everything you touch.  

The ELIMITRAX system is water resistant and also protects you from ticks, chiggers, and other elements such as the wind and cold temperatures.  You can adjust the leggings for added comfort, and they are also extremely durable.   One thing I was concerned with was their being bulky but they are not and they are easy and comfortable to walk in.

Another thing that I found interesting is the fact that the company ran a test with a panel of professional technicians using two award winning bloodhounds.  The bloodhounds had no problem tracking test subjects when wearing rubber soled boots.  The same test was run on the test subjects while wearing ELIMITRAX and the bloodhounds lost the trail as they could not detect any scent.  One thing I know from my earlier days when I use to coon and fox hunt is if you can fool a hound's nose you are on to something.  Simply incredible!

I have a small ranch in Texas and the other night I was hunting.  I wore the ELIMITRAX System to my stand.  Two hours later I had a nice 130 class buck walk directly in my footsteps down the same path I traveled to my stand.  He was eight yards broadside and hadn't a clue that he walked literally in my steps, and that I was sitting in my stand watching his every move.  This was a mature buck and I will tell you if you can fool a mature buck's nose you are on to something.  I passed on him, but at eight yards there was little question I could have taken him had I wanted to.

In summary, this System flat out works.  I really like the idea you can hunt the same stand as many times as you want without compromising your hunting spot.  While I still refrain from walking too much I feel secure wearing ELIMITRAX that I can walk in, walk out, place my stand, decoys and scent and never have to worry about deer detecting me. If you take care to use proper scent control and then wear ELIMITRAX and ELIMISCENT you will not only see more game, you will increase your odds of bringing your trophy home.

You can contact Elimitrax at 800-670-8729 or on the web at ELIMITRAX  


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