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Columnists : Janice Baer
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Health Alert!
By Janice Baer
Sep 30, 2006, 11:15

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My recent trip to Wyoming was anticipated for so long, that when the morning came to leave Minnesota, I wanted that 15+ hour road trip to go by fast. The sooner I could get there the better.

However, word from a friend soon sobered me up and made me take precautions…


“A friend of mine who was in a hurry”, my friend said, “took a long trip without stopping often to stretch her legs. She ended up getting a blood clot that quickly went to her lungs. Soon after that, she died.”


These words weighed heavily on my mind. After spending 10 days in the hospital flat on my back a few years ago due to a spinal fluid leak, I knew the horrors of traveling blood clots. You need motion to keep your blood circulating, and being sedentary for a long time can aid in pooling your blood. Clots are a real possibility after that.


I told my travel companions about this news, so we stopped frequently on our trip out and back. 30 hours round trip.

All those liquids we drank made it certain that we would have to stop often for bathroom breaks. Of course we needed to fill our gas tanks and our bellies at meal times too. Perfect opportunities to stretch our legs!


Once we were back home, hunting partner Kathleen told of a woman at her work who just ended up in the hospital because of this very life threatening issue! It’s sad when it can easily be avoided.


My warning to you all is to take frequent breaks from long driving, and get out of your vehicle to stretch your legs often. It’s much harder to go hunting when laid up in a hospital bed… or worse.


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Janice Baer
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