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Columnists : Fred Lutger
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Let the Gobbling (feeding) Begin
By Fred Lutger
Jul 3, 2006, 06:36

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Fred Lutger
Fred Lutger is the owner of Freddie Bear Sports pro shop and Online Store as well as Fred Lutger's Wilderness bowhunts.

Now that the spring turkey season is over it's time to think about the fall season. It's also a time to evaluate the turkey population and the future of turkey hunting on your hunting land.

There are several things you can do now to improve your land's turkey population and your future turkey hunts. Start with a food plot just for turkeys. Plant some Chufa. Chufa is a grass that has a small nut that grows within its root system. Turkeys scratch up this nut. It is a favorite food and is also nutritional. Turkeys will return daily for this treat.

Long term, plant some trees and bushes that will give turkeys food and cover. On my own farm I planted saw tooth gobbler oaks, American plum, service berry, cherry and a variety of other trees and bushes.

Supplemental feeding will also help the turkey population as well as other wildlife species. Supplemental feeding wild game will do a couple things, keep the game on your farm and help the overall health of the species.

At this years National Wild Turkey convention in Nashville, TN I ran across this new item, the Extreme Feeder from Sneeky Fox Outdoors. David Bryant, his two brothers, Jason and Kevin along with Nathan Edmonds have come up with a simple and affordable feeder. Their feeder can be used for turkeys as well as doves, quail and even raccoons.
David Bryant (L) shows Fred Lutger the Extreme Feeder from Sneeky Fox Outdoors.

The feeder is portable and light weight, only 10 pounds. It measures 28" by 28" and is 12" deep. It is made of polyethylene and is UV protected so it won't be broken down by the sun. The feeder is gravity fed, no need to worry about batteries.
The feeder can be used for wild turkeys as well as doves and quail.

Whole kernel corn works great for feeding turkey. Bird feed works best for dove and quail. One customer uses the feeder for feeding her domestic chickens.

"This can be a great scouting tool," says David. "You can watch from a distance to see what is visiting the feeder."

The feeder is very affordable at $38.54 for the black model, $48.54 for the camo version. Shipping fees range from $10 to $22 in the lower 48 states. Order by calling Sneeky Fox Outdoors at 931-808-6497. Or order from their web sight Check your local game laws before using.

Turkey hunting is fun. More turkeys on your land will add to this fun and success. Take the time now to improve the turkey population in your area.

Good hunting,



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Fred Lutger
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