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Evaluations : Robert Hoague
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Testing NULLO
By Robert Hoague
Feb 18, 2007, 07:04

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In a conversation with Wade Nolan concerning one of his upcoming Writers Camps last October the subject, as always, turned to deerhunting. While we talked  a little deer and bowhunting Wade mentioned learning about a scent elimination pill called NULLO from Monticello Drug Company.

He said it was originally concocted to eliminate bad breath. But it turned out to have more far reaching applications. One of them is for the bed ridden elderly in care facilities. The Nullo keeps them from having the strong odors that come from being in bed 24 - 7.

Out of curiosity I looked Nullo up on Google. One link went to a RX site and it described Nullo like this."Nullo Internal Deodorant Tablets helps neutralize embarrassing body odors, such as bad breath, perspiration odors of the feet, underarm and genital areas when taken as part of your regular daily hygiene."

NULLO Internal Deodorant comes 60 or 135 per bottle. reported "Customers have found NulloŽ to be effective when taken daily, to help reduce odors related to fecal and urinary incontinence, bad breath, perspiration odors such as:  food odor, underarm odors, as well as masculine and feminine hygiene."

The web site had Customer Reviews fro Nullo and I checked them out. There were 3 reviews, as follows:

Nullo Deodorant Tablets rates 5 out of 5 stars, from 3 customer reviews.
  1. "I took this stuff for a couple of weeks before it started working, but once it kicked in I found this stuff to be amazing! No more bad breath problems - no more offensive BO at the gym. The price is great too... compared to that Bodymint stuff this product is a steal -  less than half the price. -- April 16, 2005"
  2. "This stuff works great for all types of odors -- fecal, urine, BO, foot odor, genital odors...I use it during hunting season, and even give it to my dogs! This stuff has been sold for over 40 years by pharmacies and is the real deal...can't beat the price either." -- March 15, 2005
  3. "I've tried other products like Devrom etc with not allot of luck. This one actually works. I don't hesitate to recommend it. -- September 22, 2003
By now Nullo had my attention and I wanted to try it. So I bought a bottle of 135 tablets from What I had read definitely sounded like Nullo had potential in the deer woods.

I began taking it the 2nd week of October and by the time I went to Wade's Writers Camp in mid October I was a week into it.

The dosage instructions read, "The dosage may vary with each individuals weight and diet. You may take up to 3 caplets per day."

In my eagerness to get Nullo going on in my system I took 4 and 5 a day. One of the things Wade Nolan had mentioned about Nullo was that if you took too much it could cause diarrhea. That proved to be true.

So I dropped to 3 and then settled on 2, one in the morning and one after dinner.

Ok, I know, what you are wondering, "Did the stuff kill your scent?"

In one word. Yes.

I hunted primarily in a ground blind this year and regularly saw deer close and down wind. Routinely, for years, I have showered before I went out, both morning and afternoon. But, to test the Nullo I skipped several afternoon showers. Then I backed off on the scent control clothing I normally wear.

No problem. They didn't smell me.

The Nullo web site states, "Nullo has a proven odor controlling formula." I used it for 3 months last deer season. In this bowhunters opinion I found that statement to be absolutely true.

Nullo is easy to use, inexpensive, and it works.

For more information or to order visit the NULLO web site or call Toll Free at 800-735-0666

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