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SHOWS : ATA Archery Trade Show : 2007
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

In Depth Product Coverage, Part 3
By Robert Hoague
Jan 30, 2007, 07:25

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More reports from the floor of the 2007 ATA Archery Trade Show. We visit Eastman Outfitters and Gorilla Treestands and see their latest new products for bowhunters.

Eastman Outfitters
At Eastman Outfitters we found the LazyLounger™ Turkey Chair System, the UnderCover™ Pro 360° hunting blind, and the Undertaker portable blind.

LazyLounger Turkey Chair System
Made For Hunters On The Move

The LazyLounger™ is designed to enhance a hunter’s effectiveness in the field.  It combines the functionality of a turkey vest with the cushioned support of a ground-level hunting chair.

LazyLounger is designed for run and gun type hunting.

Traditionally, turkey hunters sit on the ground and rest their back against a tree for support.  Often a tree isn’t in the right location or is difficult to lean against, but the LazyLounger™ solves that dilemma.  This 100% self-supporting chair features an ultra-comfort mesh backrest and dual-density padded seat for unmatched versatility and support.  

LazyLounger Turkey Chair & Turkey Gear Carrier

“Turkey hunting is run-and-gun and requires quick reaction. This system offers faster set-up, better comfort and organization for more effective hunting,”  says Scott Lee, Product Manager for Eastman Outfitters™.  Hunters carry the turkey chair like a backpack, with a quick-adjust strap system over their shoulders and waist.  

The LazyLounger™ features removable zippered storage pouches specifically designed to organize and hold all calls in one place – including multiple box calls, slate calls, strikers, chalk, locator calls, shells and more.  Quick-detach organizers, coupled with extra storage pockets on the chair, give turkey hunters quick accessibility to gear without compromising their position in the field.

Lazy Lounger and its Accessory Pouch for turkey calls and gear.

Both the LazyLounger™ Deluxe and standard LazyLounger™ turkey chair systems are available at leading retailers and hunting specialty stores. For more information visit or call customer service at 810-733-6360. 

2007's UnderCover Pro 360° Blind

Serious Concealment For Serious Hunters

UnderCover™ Pro 360° hunting blind has 360-degree viewing without open windows.  The 2007 model features improved hubs and ultra-realistic leafy concealment to put the hunter right in the heart of the experience.

360-degree viewing and shooting without open windows.

Eastman Outfitters™ patent pending UnderCover™ system utilizes LeafCover™ 3-D leaves over the entire blind to let the hunter see out while preventing game from seeing in.  Realistic leaves are sewn to pop out of the blind, adding movement and dimension.

Leafy Cover: (L) Outside view (R) Inside view

The UnderCover™ Series also features an improved hub system that is more durable, less binding and easier to operate. 

UnderCover 360 Pro hunting blind with LeafCover

“We saw an opportunity to make the hubs perform better and last longer,” says Scott Lee, Product Manager for Eastman Outfitters™.  “We put our engineers to the test and they really responded.”

Broadheads shoot through the UnderCover hunting blind's mesh and LeafCover.

UnderCover™ 360° blinds are renowned for their durable 600D polyester fabric, no-shine finish, patented Carbon ExScent™ scent eliminator and ShadowBlocker™ interior that hides silhouettes and movement.  Silent hook and loop windows and a deluxe backpack complete the UnderCover 360° concealment package.  

UnderCover 360° are available at leading retailers and hunting specialty stores. For more information visit or call customer service at 810-733-6360. 

Undertaker™ Portable Ground Blind
Adapt Your Blind To Your Hunting Style

Undertaker™ is the first portable ground blind to provide total concealment for the legs and body.  It is lightweight, quick-set camouflage cover.

UnderTaker portable blind

The Undertaker™ features a low profile, ultra-compact design that easily adjusts 18” to 38” high and 45” to 90” wide.  A center hub front panel with adjustable side supports gives hunters the option to hunt through windows or use the blind to conceal their legs and body.  Such versatility makes the Undertaker™ highly effective for ground hunting, stool hunting, stalking and more.  

UnderTaker Camera and Shooting Ports

Timber Illuzion™ camo and integrated, realistic LeafCover™ 3-D leaves blend the blind right into the environment.  A lightweight, rigid hub framework makes set up and take down fast and easy.  The Undertaker™ comfortably accommodates two hunters and is excellent for young hunters.   Two quick draw viewing / shooting windows and a built-in shooting stick port enhance its functionality.   

 “There’s nothing else like this on the market,” says Scott Lee, Product Manager for Eastman Outfitters™.  “The possible configurations and uses of this blind are endless.  It’s a ‘must have’ for any hunting arsenal.”

The Undertaker is an Eastman Outfitters™ exclusive, designed to give serious hunters a significant advantage by putting them in the environment with superior concealment.

For more information about Eastman Outfitters™ products visit your local retailer or visit or call  customer service at 800-241-4833.

Gorilla Treestands showed us the new Field Edge Pod, GreyBack Elite climber, Pro-Series Kong hang on stand and the Kong MX2 ladder stand.

A Premium Ladder Stand

Gorilla Treestands™ introduced the Kong MX2™, a premium ladder stand engineered for comfort and quiet.  With its light, compact profile, this 16’ ladderstand promises to be a top favorite with hunters. 

The Kong MX2™ features an all-new zero-G™ seat for “weightless comfort” during long-duration hunts and Timberscape2™, which blends the seamless shades of  original Timberscape™ with an ultra-realistic bark texture.  A removable, adjustable shooting rail accommodates bow or gun hunters.  The Kong MX2™ also has the largest platform of any Gorilla mid-range, one-man ladder stand at 19.5” x 20”.  It is lighter and easier to set up, even with added features. 

Gorilla Treestands KONG MX2

“Our engineering department worked hard this year to streamline this new ladder,” says Bud Gardner, Senior Product Manager for Gorilla Treestands™.  “We wanted to keep the comfort and stealth features, but remove any unnecessary bulk.  The final design is a luxury ladder.” 

Gorilla ladder stands are easy to assemble and secure.  Criss-crossing straps, a top seat ratchet strap, and a cam buckle stabilizing strap connect the stand to the tree at several points.  Each ladder has an Anti-Sink Tamping™ Bar and pinned post and socket connections that hold firm with the weight of the hunter.

For more information on the Kong MX2™ visit

Ideal For Longer Hunts

Pro-Series Kong is a powerful performer designed for quiet comfort and optimal concealment.  With its super- realistic camo finish and advanced comfort seating, Gorilla has taken its best-selling stand and made it even better.

A new camo finish, Timberscape2™, blends the seamless color of the original Timberscape™ with a realistic bark texture.  This ensures the Pro-Series Kong will be virtually undetectable hanging on a tree. 

An all-new zero G™ seat is innovatively designed for “weightless comfort”.  This flexible, padded sling seat system completely eliminates pressure points to facilitate long-duration hunts.

Gorilla Treestands PS KONG

“When we first came out with the zero-G™ seat we intended it for climbers”, says Bud Gardner, Senior Product Manager for Gorilla Treestands™.  “With inspired engineering, we were able to incorporate it into ladders and hang-ons, too.  Now hunters can be comfortable no matter what their treestand preference is.” 

These exciting 2007 upgrades extend to the Pro-Series King Kong.  The King Kong incorporates the same classic, durable construction as Kong in a larger platform size.

For more information on Pro-Series Kong visit


Engineered For Wide-Open Spots

Gorilla Treestands™ also introducec the Greyback™ Elite open front climber.  New sling style climbing seat provides ample room for bowhunting.

Gorilla Treestands GRAYBACK ELITE

“We received a lot of feedback from bowhunters who felt the climbing bar on most  stands was in the way”, explains Bud Gardner, Senior Product Manager for Gorilla Treestands™.  “We decided to keep the same secure Greyback™ framework and engineer it for climbing another way.  This allowed us to remove the bar completely for a wide open shot.” 

The Greyback™ Elite features the all-new zero-G™ seat, Gorilla’s most advanced comfort offering, and new Timberscape2™, which blends the seamless shades of the original Timberscape™ with an ultra-realistic bark texture.  Flexible stirrups make the Greyback™ Elite easier to use and offer greater platform control while climbing.  Two detachable gear bags and adjustable backpack straps enhance its convenience.   

Every Gorilla climber features the extra security of Gorilla Grip™ Pivoting Arms which automatically adjust to trees 8” to 20” in diameter for steady climbing and descent.  For 2007, Gorilla Grip™ gets added bite with teeth for stronger hold on the tree.

For more information on the Greyback™ Elite visit

Portability In A Small Size

The New Field Edge™ Pod Stand, a big benefit for hunters who seek quiet comfort and lasting strength in a small size.  At a compact 9’ to the shooting rail, the Field Edge™ is easy to carry and conceal in a variety of hunting situations. 

“This stand is ideal for tree line placement,” explains Bud Gardner, Senior Product Manager for Gorilla Treestands™.  “It is much easier to conceal in the brush and grass than a taller stand.  The smaller size also makes it easier to transport and set up.” 

The Field Edge™ features a hi-back seat that rotates 360 degrees with a removable, dual-density camo cushion.  An adjustable, flip-back shooting rail makes this pod ideal for bow or gun hunting.

Gorilla Treestands FIELD EDGE POD

Like all Gorilla pod stands, the Field Edge™ is sturdy and easy to assemble, constructed of all-welded steel.  Timberscape™ concealment finish breaks up the outline with subtle variations of colors and shapes. 

The Field Edge™ pod joins the 16’ Quad Pod stand in the Gorilla line.

For more information on Gorilla Treestands™ visit


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