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Young Bowhunters
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Two Hot Bows for Young Bowhunters
By Brodie Swisher
Apr 25, 2008 - 5:08:35 PM

Listen up Young Bowhunters!  Diamond Archery has unleashed several new heavy-hitters in their youth bow line that were designed just for you.  No more having to try and shoot dad's old, oversized, hand-me-down bow.  Diamond's new Edge and Cutter youth and children's bows were built with the next generation bowhunter in mind.  Diamond by BowTech leads the field in offering  young bowhunters a bow that not only gets them started into the sport of archery, but also a bow that packs enough punch to make it the perfect bow for those first hunting bowhunting adventures in pursuit of big game.  

Get the Edge:

The Edge bow by Diamond Archery is packed with features, value, and performance for novice hunters.  It is the ideal bow for the novice with a burgeoning passion for bowhunting.  Packed with the advanced features and performance top bowhunters have come to expect from Diamond Archery, the new Edge bow comes with one very unexpected feature - a price that puts this premium bow well within reach of all hunters.

This new bow features a comfortable brace height of 6-1/2" and an axle-to-axle length of 30", making it easy for anyone to shoot. With The Edge bow, beginning bowhunters will quickly build their skill with confidence, preparing them to take on any game. It features Diamond Archery's proven dual cam system with a single pivoting module with multiple positioning holes. This innovative design allows the bow's draw length to easily be adjusted from 18" to 28" in 1/2" increments - without the need for a bow press. With this exclusive Diamond Archery feature, hunters can quickly and easily adjust the bow's draw length to fit the hunter to promote better form and performance - and they can do it right in the field.

The Edge bow is offered in 29-, 40- or 50-lb. draw weights and a stealth-enhancing Mossy Oak camouflage finish. To get hunters started off on the right foot, The Edge comes with Diamond Archery's Boondocks Package, including a 3-Pin Fiber Optic Sight, Fixed Fork Arrow Rest, Black 2-Piece 4-Arrow Quiver, Multi-Colored Braided Sling and Peep Sight.

The Edge by Diamond features a cast aluminum riser that is both affordable and durable. This advanced bow sells for $329 retail - a great value for a quality, well-equipped hunting bow that gives hunters the edge they need to bring down the most challenging game.

Start 'em Right:

For the bowhunter-to-be, Diamond also offers the Diamond Cutter - a feature and value-packed target bow that's an ideal choice for youth just starting out in this exciting sport. The Cutter will get kid's shooting alongside their Mentor with a bow that looks and performs in draw lengths and weights to accommodate them. 

The Cutter proves that you don't have to spend a lot to benefit from the advanced technology and performance that have made Diamond Archery a leading choice for top archers worldwide. With a comfortable brace height of 6-1/2" and an axle-to-axle length of 30", the Diamond Cutter is easy to shoot, building both accuracy and confidence.  The Cutter uses Diamond Archery's proven dual cam system featuring a single pivoting module with multiple positioning holes. This unique design allows the bow's draw length to easily be adjusted from 18" to 28" in 1/2" increments - without the need for a bow press. This unique feature lets archers adjust draw length for a perfect fit to promote better form when shooting. The new Diamond Cutter is available with peak draw weights of 20- or 29-lbs - ideal for young shooters or those who need to build their skills.

Built with traditional Diamond Archery quality and attention to detail, this new bow features a cast aluminum riser that is economical, yet very strong, and is available in a variety of exciting target colors. The Diamond Cutter bow carries an affordable manufacturer's suggested retail price of $239 - a fantastic value for a bow of this quality and advanced design. Archers can find the new Diamond Cutter through leading archery and shooting sports retailers nationwide.

Shooting arrows with your child or loved one is one of the best ways to spend quality time and to strengthen the parent/child relationship.  As you spend time hunting in the woods, or slingin' arrows across the backyard, you'll be establishing memories that will last a lifetime.  The Edge & Cutter bows from Diamond Archery help make that time just a little bit sweeter.   

For more information on Diamond's Edge or Cutter Bows, or the full line of premium quality bows for bowhunters and competitive archers, contact Diamond Archery - a subsidiary of BowTech - at 90554 Highway 99
North, Eugene, Oregon 97402 o Telephone: (877) 269-2776 o Or visit

Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, and seminar speaker.  Check out his website at .

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Young Bowhunters
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