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Young Bowhunters
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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RAY HOWELL’S KICKING BEAR Kicking Bear 1-On-1 - and

Kicking Bear Kids Hunt for Sheds
By Rick & Corey Schell
May 22, 2008 - 6:01:01 AM

2008 Rick Schell's Kicking Bear Easter Shed Hunt.

*Due to the harsh Minnesota winter, the Easter Shed Hunt was postponed until April, 12th 2008

As members of the Lewiston, MN Sportsmen's Club we are used to wet weather at our Kicking Bear events, although it never seems to dampen the kid's spirits.  This year the Lewiston Sportsmen's Club is hosting its 6th annual Kicking Bear One-on-One event July 11th and 12th   It never fails to be a GREAT time for all!
Kids fan out hoping to find a shed.

This year's Easter Shed hunt started with Bill Kramer and Corey Schell taking the eager children up the hill on the Yamaha Grizzlies to the Schell hunting shack.  Once on top, the anticipation mounted as Rick gathered the children for a few shed hunting pointers-he told them to walk slow, watch the fence lines, and to make sure to look in tree branches.   In order to try and keep twenty children ranging in age from 5-15 years old safe from wondering off, they were instructed to stop, stand still, and yell loudly for an adult if they felt they were lost. This would keep the event safe and fun.

Out in the woods looking for sheds.

  To keep things as exciting as possible for the youth, a new twist was added this year.  Whenever one of the kids found a shed they were to shout as loud as they could, "KICKING BEAR, KICKING BEAR, KICKING BEAR"!  Once the hunt began we were only about 10-15 yards into the woods when Renee Ramsden shouted those famous words three times, "KICKING BEAR, KICKING BEAR, KICKING BEAR!" That meant the first shed was officially found and the shed hunt was under way.  It was not more than a few minutes later when there were kids running around yelling Kicking Bear at the top of their lungs.  Boy were the woods just a hopping!  Some kids where shouting Kicking Bear seven, eight, nine times! At least it seemed like it because they were all so excited. 

One young hunter named Quenton Behrens who is mentored by Chuck Perry told us with excitement that he didn't find the first shed but he didn't find the last one either.  Quenton had a big day starting early as he helped set up the Sportsmen's Club 3-D shoot to be held the next day; after this he went scouting for turkeys with Chuck; and then he finished by participating in our shed hunt.  His grandpa told us he slept very well that night.

Renee Ramsden with her shed.

   After about thirty sheds were found by our twenty little hunters, everybody gathered back at the Schell hunting shack for a great meal prepared by Chef Warren Perry.  The kids shared stories and compared sheds around the campfire while Rick handed out prizes that were donated by the Kicking Bear sponsors. (Diamond by Bowtech, Gander Mountain, Realtree, Bohning Archery, Wildlife Research Center, and Scentlok)

Gathering around after the hunt.

  While Rick was taking Ricky Martinson (one of the children) home, Ricky stated that one of his prizes was a Bohning quiver like the one he had won at last year's Kicking Bear One-on-one in Lewiston.  He was asked what he was going to do with two of them but he said he didn't have two anymore because he lost his other one when his house was flooded in the August floods that ripped through many south-eastern Minnesota towns.

    Now that all the kids are home safe and all excited about the shed hunt, Rick, Corey, Chuck, Doug and all of the rest of the Lewiston Sportsmen's Club Kicking Bear helpers are really excited about the up-coming July Kicking Bear One-on-one Campout and 3-D Shoot.  If you think the kids had fun at the shed hunt, you should see what we've got in store for them at the camp out!

    We would like to thank Dave Peterson, Steven Roraff and Johnny Michael for the shed donations.  We would also like to thank Ray & Karen Howell for the inspiration they gave us to start this event.  Our family has met many great people over the past 25 years of bow hunting, but nobody is as special as our Kicking Bear family!

Thanks to our Sponsors: For more go here:

Diamond by Bowtech
Wildlife Research Center
Gander Mountain
Bohning Archery

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