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Young Bowhunters
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Black Bear with the Poiriers
By As told by Ty Weaver & Dad
Mar 12, 2010 - 11:48:43 AM

Dad and I have always dreamed of hunting Black Bear with a bow. We have watched several Black Bear hunting videos. There is something about those sneaky critters that gets us excited. Little did we know our dreams were soon going to turn into reality?

In March, 2007 Mitch Haroldson with Big Country Outdoors called Dad and me to join him and his other Pro-Staffers on a Quebec Spring Black Bear hunt with archery gear May 15th thru the 21st.

My First Bear With Bow
(Watch the Video here:
Ty Weaver's First Bear)

Dad made the plane reservations, he can tell you about that; Ty's right I made the reservations. We flew into Syracuse New York where Mitch Haroldson and pro staffer Steve Dollman and cameraman John Haroldson were waiting to greet us. We loaded up our gear and drove North on interstate 81, crossed the Canadian border, through Ottawa and stopped for groceries in Maniwaki Quebec. From Maniwaki we traveled 66 miles Northwest to Poirier Fish and Game territory. In all, a 240 mile trip from Syracuse Airport and only 150 miles from Ottawa.

Dad and I met Frank Poirier and his sister Claire the owners. They are wonderful people! They manage 124 square miles of territory (79,000 acres) which includes 67 lakes. They offer hunts for Black Bear, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Small Game, and fishing for Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Pike, and Walleye. The Poirier family has been managing this territory since 1946!

The temperature was in the 40s the morning we arrived camp. Our cabin was on Lake Delahey. It is one of 14 main cabins. The Poiriers also have 23 outpost cabins throughout the territory. We unpacked our gear, shot our bows, and got ready for the afternoon hunt. Dad and I met with Frank for awhile and he told us how several baits had been hit.

Frank led us to our stands. My bait site was 25 yards away but was not visited recently by a bear but Frank told us this site was going to get hit. It was one of his favorite sites. Dad and I settled in the stand. Dad set up behind me with the camera. Dad was an official Big Country Outdoors cameraman on this trip. We sat very still even though the weather was wet and cold. But, no bears visited the bait tonight bt my stand. Mr. Mitch and Mr. Steve's baits were hammered but no bears showed up tonight.

I told Dad that I was just dieing to smack a bear with my Crimson Croc Broadheads and my new Martin Leopard bow. I couldn't wait until tomorrow night. Frank told us that he was going to check other bait sites for fresh activity while Dad and I go Lake Trout fishing. Frank showed us where to fish and what plugs to use and sure enough we caught some very nice Lake Trout for supper.

Ty and I met Frank and the Big Country Outdoors gang back at the cabin. Frank looked at Ty and said, "You need to go back to the same stand that you were in last night." "Bears will hit that bait." "That is one of my very best spots and I have a lot of confidence in that bait site." Ty was not too excited about going back to a bait site that had no activity, but he knew that things can happen in a second. We parked the truck and walked the trail toward the stand. Ty pulled hard on my shirt sleeve and pointed to the ground with a huge smile on his face. A fresh bear track!

We then eased into the stand and noticed that the bait site was hit hard! Ty was pumped and on high alert while sitting on his white birch log. Suddenly Ty flinched like he was stung by a wasp or poked in the side by something. His eyes got huge and he slowly stood and grabbed his Martin Leopard bow. I read his lips, "Dad, I hear a bear coming." I looked at him kind of puzzled because I could not hear anything, besides bears sneak in. They just show up, well most of the time. This time Ty gave me the huge eyes, flared nostrils, crooked head, get the camera ready look! I have videoed him enough times to know that, I better get the camera ready! Sure enough a bear appeared in front of the stand. He circled to the left of us and suddenly ran away but then stopped. I lost him in the viewfinder for a minute. But something was wrong. I was trying to video the bear on the left side of the stand and Ty was, well, this is going to sound funny, but Ty was pointing with his eyes toward the bait site. Wow! We had two bears within 30 yards of us! I slowly swung the camera to the bear heading for the bait site. I gave Ty the, I'm ready signal. I'll let Ty tell you the rest:

My heart was beating fast and so was Dad's. I was afraid the bear would hear our hearts beating. I knew the bear would not hang around long because the bait was hit hard. When the bear sniffed the barrel, I drew my Martin Leopard and sent a 100 grain Crimson Croc on its way. The white fletch disappeared in the bears shoulder crease. Actually the Martin sent the Croc through the bear and into a stump! Awesome, I was shaking! The bear bolted 30 yards and fell with a loud roar! Dad gave me a huge "bear" hug.

One happy bowhunter with his black bear trophy and it's all on film.

Yeah, Ty's correct, I did give him a "bear" hug. I just love hunting with my little buddy. I witness everything he does in the outdoors and I just can't believe it. Well, Frank was right. This bait site will produce! We took several field photos and managed to load the bear into the truck. We surprised the guys in camp by coming in so early. At first they thought something was wrong. We set up the video cameras and interviewed Frank by the lake shore with Ty and his bear.

The next several days Dad and I went fishing and caught Northern Pike on Lake Delahey and Lake Putnam. Those pike are great fighters!

On the fourth day of the trip Mr. Mitch smacked a bear bigger than mine, a big bear close to 300 pounds!  Mr. Mitch had excellent performance with his Martin and Crimson Croc broadheads. He released his shot before he actually wanted to and the Croc entered the bear's neck, punched through vertebra, shoulder, and drove into the lungs! My new buddy Steve did not shoot a bear this trip. His bear hung up just outside the bait and did not present a shot. He did show me some cool martial arts stuff that I tried on buddies when I got back to Texas! I even whooped him in Hackey Sack, pelt, pool, and horse shoes. Well maybe that's not exactly true. John is another cool new buddy and he is a great cook. Even the fried potatoes he made every day tasted great. Just don't let him handle the bug spray….. That's another story all to its own.  Mr. Mitch, thank you for inviting me to spend time with the Big Country Outdoors Team and the Poiriers. I will always remember it.

I agree with Ty. The group was a blast to be around and the memories will last forever. Frank and Claire are wonderful people. You need to check out their web-site at

Currently a seven day bear package is $1,150 Canadian currency per hunter. This includes seven nights in camp or a cottage on Delahey Lake, boat, 9.9 h.p. motor, unlimited gas for boat, transportation from main camp to stand sites, bear baits and tree stands, skinning of bear, and freezing or salting of the pelt.
They even offer lower cost packages as well.
This price is a bargain!

Dad and I saw bear, deer, moose, and small game. We were fishing along the shoreline of Redon Lake and came upon a monster tree stand that was placed along the water's edge for hunting moose with a moose standing under it! Talk about great stand placement! This would have made a great photo. The scenery is beautiful in Quebec. I enjoyed everything about this trip. I had fun talking with Ms. Claire at the main lodge while drinking a ginger ale and shooting pool too. She even printed pictures of my bear for me the same day that I shot it.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Ty Weaver's First Bear

You may contact Frank or Claire by phone at 819-449-3032 or email:



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