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Online Bowhunts : Wild Turkey Bowhunts : 2010
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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QUEST FOR THE WILD TURKEY GRAND SLAM 2010 - Join bowhunters Robert Hoague and Fred Lutger on the road for the 4 North American Wild Turkey Gobblers in 2010.

Nebraska - Day 6 - At The Roost Tree
By Robert Hoague
Jun 10, 2010 - 10:33:27 AM

A cup of coffee and I was out the door. This morning was one of those extra dark ones. I could barely see.

Using a flashlight was definitely out. My best bet to get in quietly was to stick to the fence line until I saw the big cotton wood my blind was next to. The tree was faint but I saw it and got inside the Double Bull. Last evening I had left everything inside the blind so I didn't have to carry anything with me.

The faintest glimpse of daylight took an eternity on this sleepy morning. But it finally came. Before long, gobbles sounded off from the roost trees a quarter mile away.

Sixty yards in front of me the roosted wild turkeys woke up and shook off the nights rest. Soon it was daylight enough to get a pic of some of them on the limbs of the tree.

Here is a closer look at three turkeys in the dawns early light.

Fly down time at the distant roost, dozens of gobblers and hens hit the ground. They spread out and some of them came out of the trees and into the open. The turkeys in the 60 yard tree flew down and joined the turkeys in the open. There were at least 5 dozen in view.
The gobblers, jakes and mature birds, strutted around in front of the hens.

One of the mature gobblers found a hen that was ready to breed and singled her out for himself.

Time passed. Most of the birds stayed in the open area. I got a lot of video of them doing what they do. When sunlight illuminated the ground some deer passed through.

The big longbeards dominated the show as they went from hen to hen. Notice the two hens in the pic below.

Again, one of the longbeards managed to pin down a hen and bread her.

When he was done and the hen moved away the longbeard gobbled loudly.

It took over an hour for the group to leave the area. Some of them walked up the hill to the North. Some went into the field behind me. But what I was waiting for was for them to come my way. When they did every single one walked by the 60 yard tree.

The area around me cleared out but there were still turkeys in the field and on the hill. An hour later two longbeards came by just out of bow range. Sunlight lit them up.

They walked into the trees and disappeared. I checked for the turkeys in the field and on the hill. They were gone now.

Instead of folding up the Double Bull I pulled it the 60 yards to the tree where dozens of gobblers and hens had walked by. I put everything inside and checked to be sure no turkeys were in sight. Nothing was around.

I went to the ranch house and ate breakfast. Then I set my alarm for an hour and took a nap. When it rang I got up, took a shower and went turkey hunting.


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