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Columnists : Ted Nugent
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Observations of a Bear Lover
By Ted Nugent
Jul 25, 2009 - 5:48:40 AM


Bears, bears, everywhere bears. Big black bears showing up on trail cams in southern Michigan farm country. A black bear wandering around the Pontiac Silverdome just North of Detroit. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts' homeowners chasing away bears constantly from their backyard decks.

A huge sow with cubs raiding deer feeders in the Texas Hill Country. A Discovery Channel documentary of some clown in Alaska's wilderness outback kissing and hugging numerous bears on his porch. USDA paid hunters wasting tax dollars by the millions and bears by the hundreds in Colorado, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and all across America. American hunters being denied bear tags in Wisconsin as more and more bears kill more and more deer, and more government 'hunters' get paid more wasted tax dollars to kill more and more bears.

Welcome to Planet of the Apes.
More bears every year are being systematically killed and wasted in our National Parks, which are owned by 'we the people', yet 'we the people' are forbidden to hunt them while Fedzilla charges us to have them killed, but not until after these clearly overpopulated bears have destroyed millions of dollars worth of livestock and private property. Of course more truckloads of wasted tax dollars are blowtorched nonstop ad nauseum for this mindless damage control simply because bureaucrats wish to  avoid the political friction if they were to do the right thing allowing proven quality control instead.
What kind of subhuman idiot would intentionally force a renewable asset into the liability column for no good reason whatsoever? Bureaucrats, that's who. Soulless, corrupt, dishonest, clueless, disconnected bureaucrats and their noisy, clueless anti-hunting constituents.
No guesswork here. No guitar player supposition. Just cold, irrefutable, eye witness, hands on participatory 1st person truth. Period. I've seen it. I've done it, and it breaks my SpiritWild American bear loving heart.
I broke bread with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and his chief of fish and game, and asked them why there was no spring bear season or baiting allowed in their bear rich state, and neither one could tell me. They hinted that animal right's kooks in Santa Fe would raise political hell for them if they tried to legalize these proven, beneficial methodologies to better utilize their growing black bear population, but that the liberal media would have a kaniption fit, so they were admittedly hogtied by political correctness. Pathetic isn't it?
Same deal with the exploding bear numbers in Ontario. Statistics show that more sows and cubs had to be killed in downtown Thunder Bay by Ontario Police following the first closed spring season there, even though the hippie propagandists insisted that the spring season was closed to save the sows and cubs. Go figure.
I took part in a very exciting yet rather heartbreaking bear hunt in Colorado with my USDA hunter friend where five giant trophy bears were killed in a one week period due to livestock depredation. Huge, dream, monster bears with black, brown, red and blonde coats. What a sinful waste.
And the unbelievable tragic clincher is that the owners of the bears and owners of the land where the bears came from, which of course is 'we the people', are forbidden to use bait or hounds in Colorado, while our tax dollars are commandeered to pay government killers to kill our bears for us. And of course these paid hunters get to use bait and hounds. Sig heil!
Further, 'we the people' are forced to pay for the bear killed livestock, the houndsmen's dogfood, vet bills, radio telemetry gear, truck, guns, ammo, gas, food, lodging, and salaries, thereby not only disallowing these magnificent beasts their rightful place in the asset column of Colorado, but insanely forced into the liability column by this illogical, entrenched draconian policy. And to add insult to injury, all the sacred meat, hide, teeth, claws, skulls and bones are not respected one bit, but instead not so ceremoniously buried in a hole in the ground, desecrating this spiritual beast and everything it stands for. Lovely, isn't it.
And remember, all these game departments are squallering for desperately needed revenues to (mis)manage these resources, but knowingly halt the guaranteed source of enormous revenues to do so. Phenomenally stupid.
And one of my favorites; the Pennsylvania 3 day bear season, (just recently increased from their 1 day bear season!) which isn't really a season at all, but rather a 3 day maniacal scramble to kill as many black things running through the woods as quickly as possible. No one really needs for me to explain how bizarre this truly is, do they?
So, is bear hunting in North America better today than it has ever been? Absolutely. Are there more bears in North America today than at any time in recorded history? Absolutely. Are magnificent giants killed every year to the great joy and celebration of bear lovers everywhere? You betchya.
But is bear hunting perfect yet? Absolutely not. Far from it. Should we all fight to demand science based management policies and hunting regulations based on sustain yield and responsible resource utility? Damn right we should. Will I continue to push hard to make bear hunting better? Does a bear relieve itself in the woods?  All the time.
If you claim to be a bear lover and dedicated bear hunter, you must vigilantly research and identify those regulations everywhere you can that are illogical, counterproductive and less than efficient. Galvanize your fellow sporters to raise a united voice for upgrade.
Bait and hound hunting is good, and both methods should be legal wherever bears are found.
Spring seasons should be considered and implemented wherever the resource supports such seasons.
And ultimately, we the people should demand access to and utility of our wildlife resources in all National, Federal and State Parks and Refuges, all State and Federal Monuments and all wild grounds where wildlife numbers support the annual harvest of surpluses  as assets instead of liabilities. Never again should one red cent of our tax dollars ever be wasted to hire government killers to do the job that we the people are ready, willing, able and passionate to accomplish.
Bear hunting is real good these days, but we have a long way to go to make it perfect, and we can and must go for it until we are there. Rugsteak adventure turns me on. I love bears, they're delicious.
For information on hunting with Ted and for more Ted Nugent writings, visit or call Sunrize Safaris at 800-343-4868.


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