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Columnists : Taxidermy - Larry Reese
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2010 - 5:39:39 PM
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Day 2 - Live Online Bowhunt In South Africa
By Larry C. Reese - Wildlife Artistry
Jul 12, 2005 - 3:33:00 PM

The first hunting day started with a very nice breakfast in the lodge. Once all of that was done Rick was going after a Gemsbok on Du Toit's farm. We decided we would all tag along as this was also the same area Cody was going to hunt his white Blesbok an Blue wildebeest. So off we all went in the safari truck which has nice seats that sits up high above the cab for easy viewing.

We rode around which is much easier trying to locate the heard cause you walk for days in the bush and never see them. We had not located any an after about one hour we stopped at the bottom of a hill an Du Toit said he would walk to the top an take a look over as there was very thick bush on the other side.

He looked over the top an down the other side, than slowly moved back a little an waved for Rick an us to move forward. So we all crept forward an Du Toit explained to Rick there was a very nice Gemsbok bedded down just 25 yard over the side in some thick brush according to the Nikon Rangefinder. Rick crept up to the top with his PH Du Toit guiding him and giving instructions on where he had seen the Gemsbok.

The Gemsbok was laying just below a rock outcrop in some thick cover an did not present a clear shot so the wait was on until he decided he wanted to move. The good thing was the wind was blowing quite hard so it masked any noise we were making on the rocks above him.

Finally the gemsbok stood up an started to feed and moved out of his cover an presented a nice 30-40 yard broadside shot. As soon as Rick fired his gun the Gemsbok traveled  a short distance and flopped over trying to regain his footing, than all was quiet.

Du Toit told his driver HD to go back an get the truck so they could recover the Gemsbok. As soon as HD the driver jumped down onto some rocks an started running through the bush on a shortcut to the truck the Gemsbok jumped up and took off like he had never been shot.

African animals are very hard to harvest and have a tremendous will to survive. After a fairly long track and some time given the animal was recovered. The shot was perfect, a double lung shot, but yet the animal went very far after laying down for quite awhile, which leads me to something else.

Most animals in Africa are used to being pursued by Leopard, Lion, Hyena etc. so they will defend themselfs when wounded so the approach on a down animal must be taken with extream caution.

The animal was removed from the bush and returned to the farm where all of the skinning is done

A little note of interest on HD who happens to be a good friend, a very good person, a funny guy, and Du Toit's nephew, he had to take off a few days to compete in Johannesburg as a model as Mr. South Africa, where out of 100+ entries he finished 3rd. His sister Mariska went along to keep him out of trouble and I am sure she will be Miss. South Africa one day.

Cody and I chased the white Blesbok and Blue wildebeest around the rest of the afternoon. We had a couple of close calls but no clean shots.

The problem is when there are so many animals the one you want is either behind another or there are other animals are in front, than they finally spot you and take off. Tomorrow is another day and will see what happens then.

By Larry C. Reese - Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy

Africa's Only Bowhunting Magazine
Africa's Bowhunter is a bimonthly magazine aimed at a world wide readership interested in bowhunting in Africa. The magazine is a complete guide on how,  where and when to bowhunt in southern Africa, with articles such as how to track and hunt African game, what gear to use, and what to steer clear off.
Larry C. Reese, 
Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy
215 Lands End Road
Centreville, Maryland 21617
Phone: 410-758-2000


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Taxidermy - Larry Reese
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