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New Products
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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New Raptor Wireless Trail Camera System
By Donna Powers
Jan 6, 2010 - 6:32:56 AM


Groundbreaking Motion-Activated Systems send Photos Via Cellular, WiFi, or Long-Range Wireless Transmission - or any Combination of These.

PixController, Inc., a Murrysville company that specializes in motion-activated, digital, video, cellular and DVR camera systems, today announced the release of their Raptor Wireless Systems. (To learn more go to: PixController)

These new systems will be able to transmit photos via cellular, WiFi, or long-range wireless transmission. They can be customized at the time of purchase to include several or all of the transmission options into one system and will also have the option to upgrade in the future as the customer's needs change or as new features are released. Raptor Systems can also be configured with an on-board PIR motion sensor or wireless PIR motion sensor. The on-board or wireless PIR motion sensor option is also upgradeable.

The inside scoop on what makes this unit work.

Raptor Cellular 3G-GPS-200.

"This has been many years in the making," says Bill Powers, President/CEO, PixController, Inc. "We are all very excited to show people what these systems are capable of. This literally could be the last surveillance or security system you will ever need."

Capture clear Digital Photos.

Applications for these systems include wildlife research, job-site monitoring, and trespassing, to name a few. Also available is an Undercover line of Raptor products that is sold exclusively to law enforcement and government agencies.
Using the Raptor Cellular System, photos will be sent using the popular POP3/SMTP email protocol to anywhere in the world. Multiple email address configuration allows photos to be sent to a PC, cellular phone, and a website at one time. Raptor systems are easily configured using the included PC software. The configuration file is stored onto an included USB Flash Drive which in inserted into the Raptor Wireless Camera. These systems can be configured for POP3/SMTP Email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Day/Night/24 Hour Operation, Scheduler, Motion-Activation or Time-Lapse, and delay time between photos activations.


"Competitive systems charge large monthly fees, some are several hundreds dollars a month, and you are locked into one provider," says Powers. "With the Raptor Cellular systems, customers can pick their own GSM/GPRS service provider and choose a data plan that is much less expensive than our competitors or they can use pay-as-you-go cards, whatever fits their needs."

Raptor Wireless systems differ from the competition in that they email the actual photo. A notification of a trigger event is sent from the Raptor system within thirty seconds containing a photo attachment that can be viewed on a computer and/or cellular phone. Competitive systems transmit the photo to a server then send an email text message with a link to login to their server in order to view the photo. This can waste valuable time when an immediate response is necessary.

 "We are constantly striving to lead this industry into the future and this is just the product to take us there," added Powers. "These systems are leaps and bounds above anything else on the market and we already have plans to add more options in the future."

For live photos go to: Raptor Live

 PixController, Inc is a dynamic, high-technology company that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art covert remote surveillance systems, motion-activated wildlife/scouting cameras, and wireless-triggered cellular and DVR camera systems. Founder and CEO, Bill Powers started the company in 1999, in the suburban Pittsburgh location of Murrysville, PA, with a line of multi-purpose motion-based controller products for animal scouting and wildlife research. To learn more go to: PixController

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