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New Products
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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New 'BRANCH MAGIC' Licking Branch Lure from MDR
By Bruce Ryan - Ryan Outdoors
Aug 15, 2007 - 9:35:41 AM

In an effort to give hunters that final edge, 24Seven Scents looked at the too often ignored Licking Branch.  24Seven included this important item as part of a 'COMPLETE' strategy by setting a trap for the mature whitetail buck with 'BRANCH MAGIC'.

'BRANCH MAGIC' is a powerful, premium scent made from a unique blend of Pre-Orbital and Forehead glands of Whitetail Bucks. The formula was created to be a one-of-a-kind treatment for that all important Licking Branch as it relates to the Scraping and Rutting behavior of the Whitetail Buck.

'BRANCH MAGIC' is specially formulated into a patented gel which allows the scent to be concentrated into an easily applied, brushed on form.  This consistency allows the scent to last much longer and continue to disperse its 'Killer' aroma for up to Seven days.

When used in conjunction with the 24Seven line of granular scents, 'BRANCH MAGIC' will turn an ordinary scrape into a buck crazed MAGIC scrape!

'BRANCH MAGIC' comes complete with instructions, and enough gel to treat more than a dozen set-ups.  For more information, please visit our website at , or call 888-648-3718.

24SEVEN SCENTS is well known for it's revolutionary line of 'Time Released' granular scents. This patented technology takes liquid scent and locks it into a special granular material.  This special medium enhances the odor and makes it last longer by 'Time releasing' the scent for up to Seven days.

These granular products include:

24Seven EARLY BUCK, a special blend of Deer scents and glands that works great as an early season scrape maker.

24Seven DOMINANT BUCK, is a blend of urine and glands from Whitetail Bucks in Rut that is designed to trigger an intruder response from the dominant bucks in your area. This is also a great mock scrape scent for use prior to and during the rut.

24Seven DOE ESTRUS is our most popular product, which is a blend of Doe urine and glands taken from our Does in heat.  It is great for laying scent trails, and freshening scrapes in your hunt areas.

For more information about 24Seven deer lure scent products, please visit our website at , or call 888-648-3718.


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