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News Last Updated: Feb 23rd, 2007 - 14:13:20

Nugent - An American Hero!
He screams, he rocks, he loves his family and all nature offers. Ted Nugent also cares about those who fight for our freedoms.

Feb 23, 2007, 12:44

Bear Archery Acquires Trophy Ridge
Bear Archery has come back with a vengeance with not only incredible equipment but acquiring successful companies, like Trophy Ridge.

Feb 21, 2007, 00:21

Wolf Attack
The push to reintroduce wolves has it's downside for this unfortunate moose. Vivid photos.

Feb 20, 2007, 10:20

BowTech Aids TAPS with Tribute Program
Archers know BowTech is a leader in the sport. You may not know the incredible charity work done through the Tribute Program.

Feb 19, 2007, 07:03

Predator Hunting Q & A
No open season? Have you tried Predator's? Heres some advise from Hunter's Specialties.

Feb 19, 2007, 06:39

Video - Randy Oitker Shoots 4 Arrows At Once

Youth archer trick shot Randy Oitker shoots 4 arrows at once and hits 4 different life savers! On this video.

Feb 16, 2007, 23:24

BowTech Adds to Pro Staff
BowTech continues to lead in innovation and adding industry icons Bob Robb and Bob Humphrey to their Pro Staff is another good move.

Feb 16, 2007, 06:23

Tree Apron Joins

The Tree Apron is a comfortable back pack, seat, back rest, storage area and eliminates noise while in your stand. This is a must have product.
[ Visit Website ]
Feb 12, 2007, 10:31

Border Crossing Scents Joins BHN.

Border Crossing Scents unleashes the worlds most powerful Buck Attractant and Cover Scents. For hunters who understand the difference and want the best!
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Feb 3, 2007, 07:05

Doug Besherse's ATA Report #2
Doug reports on Badands Backpack's Hypervent pack.
Jan 31, 2007, 07:45

ATA Huge Success!
The recent ATA Show covered has been shown to be the best ever for dealers and manufacturers.

Jan 30, 2007, 07:54

MUZZY 'TALL MAN' Award 2007
The 2007 Muzzy Award is a top honor to individuals who stand tall within the archery/bowhunting industry. This year's goes to Jim adn Lynne Frady.

Jan 28, 2007, 10:54

'Have Bow - Will Travel' Dates Set
The ole' Asprin Buster Tour of Frank Addington Jr has been set. Do not miss this show!

Jan 28, 2007, 10:42

Fred Bear Namesake of new Award
POMA and ATA have named thier new Award for Archery & Bowhunting Communicator of the Year after Fred (Papa) Bear.

Jan 26, 2007, 07:01

IHunt Brings Adventure Reading
Premium Bowhunting and Big Game Books including never-before-told life stories of Fred Bear and Chuck Adams. Bowhunting adventures by M. R. James, Greg Miller and more.

[ Visit Website ]
Jan 10, 2007, 07:12

What Is The SHOT Show?
The shooting Sports and hunting industries mega show.

Jan 10, 2007, 07:00

InterMedia Buys Bowhunting Titles
Major Outdoor titles sold by Primedia include Bowhunter and Peterson's Bowhunting Magazines.

Jan 2, 2007, 06:06

NAP Brings Out the Magnums For 2007
NAP has pulled out all the stops for 2007 with two new heads for the Crossbow Hunter. This is Magnum Force.

Dec 30, 2006, 18:01

Michigan Honors ATA For Its Aid & Commitment
ATA honored by the Michigan DNR for helping them promote archery in schools and conservation.
Dec 28, 2006, 09:08

ATA School Archery Grant Program
States that launch archery curriculums for students can receive grants up to $15,000 from the ATA. 

Dec 27, 2006, 08:55

Venom Strikes Again
One product can make a differance. The Venom Peep did for bowhunter Mike Brinkley.

Dec 26, 2006, 05:15

NULLO - Eliminates scent from the inside!

NULLO is an amazing, internal scent elimination pill that when taken daily, will neutralize body odors.  NULLO  Works!
[ Visit Website ]
Dec 22, 2006, 10:30

Frank Addington Jr. Razzle Dazzle Show
Planning a special event? You may want to consider having Archery's Most Talked About Showman put on his dazzling archery show.

Dec 20, 2006, 13:29

Job Opening At BEAR
If you are an experienced Product Development Engineer you may want to check this opportunity out.

Dec 12, 2006, 06:00

Archery Hall of Fame Inductions 2006
The most prestigious accolade an archer can recieve is induction into the Archery Hall of Fame and this year is no exception.

Dec 7, 2006, 16:42

Kingsway Archery Sights in

With a combined 60 years of bowhunting Kingsway introduces their unique TRIAD Hunting Sights. Accuracy counts so zero in on this site!

[ Visit Website ]
Dec 7, 2006, 15:25

Field to Table: Eat the Bird
Two swell new recipees for your Fall wild turkey.

Nov 30, 2006, 00:10

Wild Game Nutrition Chart
How does veneson and other wild game we eat compare to beef?

Nov 29, 2006, 09:02

BowhuntingStore Special ELIMITRAX
Keep your area scent free with ELIMITRAX Over-Boots System. This weeks Store Special: ElimiTrax Special Price.
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Nov 29, 2006, 09:00

New In

New In North American Surveillance Bow Bug, Luxeon Star 1-Watt Adjustable Headlamp, Beretta Trident African Paduak Folding Knife, Beretta Cheetah Knife, Beretta Airlight II Knife, Fred Bear Lil Indian Archery Set
[ Visit Website ]
Nov 28, 2006, 05:15

Rodger Grundman Passes
As another archery great passes, we all mourn the death of the founder of Flex-Fletch.

Nov 25, 2006, 06:10

Ohio Monster
Sometimes when you just go hunting for a nice doe you wind up with a monster.

Nov 18, 2006, 07:11

Outdoor Channel Contest
Want to win some fantastic outdoor prizes? Check out this from the Outdoor Channel.

Nov 18, 2006, 07:05

Thank You Dr. Bill
Jim Jones tried the VENOM Peep Sight and has a monster buck to show it worked!

Nov 17, 2006, 07:37


This patented technology guarantees you NEVER have to sharpen your knife again and you can ALWAYS have a factory edge in seconds.
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Nov 6, 2006, 11:44

Kwikee Kwiver Owner Bob Stinson Passes
It is with a great sadness we report the passing of one of our industry's great contributors. Bob will missed by all who knew him.

Nov 6, 2006, 10:27

2007 NWTF Convention and Sport Show
Dates, events, competitions, sports show, and the best of the best turkey callers go head to head.

Nov 4, 2006, 06:27

If you entered the Oct IDI Gear Sweepstakes check the list. You could be on it.

Nov 2, 2006, 09:56

NSSF Shows Hunters/Shooters a $$$ Power!
Think hunting and shooting is just a lazy passtime? No real economic impact? How about a lifetime spending of over $4 Trillion?

Oct 29, 2006, 00:39

ASAT - Camo to fool the eye.
All Season - All Terrain Camouflage. ASAT has been around for a long time keeping hunters as close to invisible as possible. Check the video to see why.

Oct 26, 2006, 05:19

Strange Buck Killed
Alma, Michigan. This strange looking buck met his fate on the bumper of a car.
Oct 24, 2006, 10:02

WIN IDI GEAR! Enter Today!
One more week to enter the IDI Give-Away and now 3rd Prize has been raised to 100 winners IDI Dollars!

Oct 20, 2006, 14:35

Want to see what Deer see?
UV-Brighteners in camo. Doesn't make sense really when you want to blend in, not stand out. Deer see this, now you can see it to. And avoid the UV-Glow with ATSKO!

Oct 18, 2006, 06:14

Never Take Treestand Safety For Granted
Many bowhunters believe a treestand accident won't happen to them. but even bowhunting is not worth risking your life
Oct 13, 2006, 05:03

Google has some interesting sites for you to visit however, understand this: If you fill out any personal information, including your email address, that address will be sold to internet marketers. So, visit the sites from the Google ads but if you do not want SPAM, do not enter personal information if asked. is not responsible for and responses you may get from giving your information through any Google Ad.

Oct 12, 2006, 12:29

Bear Archery - New look, New focus

Bear Archery, one of the oldest and most respected names in archery is rededicated, original name re-established and a new company focus sure to benefit every archer.

Oct 11, 2006, 06:24

This young lady winning hearts & trophies!
Common knowlege: Our children are our future. There is a phenomenal 12 year old young lady named Alexis Seibert making sure the future of archery is safe indeed.

Oct 11, 2006, 06:21

BEAR Archery Career Opening Available
Would you like a career with Bear Archery? If you meet the qualifications for Product Manager you could very well be working for a world leader!

Oct 10, 2006, 21:37

Fixed vs Mechanical - The Movie
Ballistic experts have used gelatin for decades to access penetration. In this informative video you'll see for yourself how killing heads stack up.

Oct 9, 2006, 17:35


Essential Gear – Must have, High Tech LED lighting products and more for  hunters, home, field, camping, emergency, survival.
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Oct 9, 2006, 16:48

Looking for some new Binoculars? Check out this weeks STORE SPECIAL!
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Oct 5, 2006, 10:11

The BEST in Cold Weather Gear - IDI
There is nothing worse than being cold. So cold you can't stop shaking, can't shoot, can't have fun. IDI Gear Cold Weather clothing fixes the cold.

Oct 3, 2006, 05:10

CamTrakker - Research Tasmanian Devils
CamTrakker's superior quality Game Cameras are being used the world over. In Tasmania to discover the extent of Facial Tumour Disease in Tasmanian Devil populations. What are using in your hunting area?

Oct 3, 2006, 05:00

Byers Unveils Updated Site

Byers Bowhunting slicked up their web site but other than looking for great hunts, you should also be checking for any 'cancellations'. You might get a smokin deal!
[ Visit Website ]
Sep 22, 2006, 09:00

Keith Dunlap - new Field Evaluator says hello to our newest Field Evaluator: Keith Dunlap.

Sep 22, 2006, 08:48

POLAR MAX Joins Family

PolarMAX offers their tech clothing line XGO with base layering scent prevention technology "X-STATIC" anti-microbial selected by the US military and serious hunters..
[ Visit Website ]
Sep 18, 2006, 10:09

Strong Public Support for Hunters
Survey reports public support of hunting has increased over the past decade.
Sep 16, 2006, 06:15

Fred Bear Sportsman's Club Raises $$$$$$
The Fred Bear Sportsman's Club Raised a record $33,800 at Bass Pro Shops to process 135,000 venison meals to feed local families in need.

Sep 12, 2006, 00:36

Bowhunt with Byer's Hunts Now!

A few spots available for monster whitetails in Southeast Ohio this fall. Great opportunity, contact for dates. limited in number! Byers Bowhunting 

[ Visit Website ]
Sep 12, 2006, 00:01

Kwikee Kwiver - 50 years of excellance
Kwikee Kwiver is an icon in the archery world. Simple & effective it remains today the most bought. But Kwikee is also about people on this 50th Year of being the leader.

Sep 7, 2006, 04:46

Rattlin Rednecks
Hunting for Texas Big Bucks, Bill Moore and Freddie Haney put Hot Trails Scent Candles to work. The results? Read for your self.

Sep 2, 2006, 09:30

BowTech Sponsors Mutton Bustin Event
If Mutton Bustin ain't the heart of America nothing is and archery leader BowTech is the new Title Sponsor of the World Championship.  Yeah BowTech.

Sep 2, 2006, 00:05

ESPN Cancels Great Outdoor Games
The ATA, Archery Trade Association just announced ESPN has cancelled it's sucessful 6 year run to the show that gave archery it's largest TV audiences ever!

Aug 30, 2006, 10:00

IDI GEAR Hits Canada
IDI Gear with it's incredible INSULTEX™ material was the hit of the Sports Excellence Show in Montreal. If you want to be warm this winter this is the amazing clothing line for you to check out.

Aug 29, 2006, 10:01

The bowhuntingstore is growing daily. If you bowhunt this is the first place to look for the best in gear. New this week:Non-Typical Rapid Rails &

IDI Gear. IDI Gear is incredible clothing that is super light, water repellant and will keep you warm to -25 degrees. You will never buy any other clothing again after IDI.

Aug 26, 2006, 18:26

TROPHY SCORE Now Gives You More!
Amazing program allows you to 'score' your potential trophies. Now you can purchase the 50 score CD for just $29.99 and get fifty more for just $19.99.  Available at some retail outlets. TrophyScore
[ Visit Website ]
Aug 25, 2006, 00:45

Kicking Bear Honors Veterans at Deerassic Classic
In front of 20,000 plus outdoor enthusiast Kicking Bear founder Ray Howell and BowHunting.nets’s Doug Besherse team up to honor our country’s heroes.
Aug 25, 2006, 00:40

Flex Fletch's Grundman ROCKS!
Mild-mannered business man by day but when the sun dips, Dann Grundman throws on his guitar and with fans screaming, Johnny Trash takes the stage.
Aug 14, 2006, 13:23

I.D.I. Brings on new Consultant.
I.D.I. Gear and their amazing material Insultex™ announced the hiring of Dr. Gary L. Allen to their staff. Never be cold again with Insultex™.

Aug 11, 2006, 10:04

BowFit -Get Ready Sale!
Save $$$ with this Preseason Sale Combo Pack. Get a BowFit Exerciser and Archery Fit Video for only $31.95!  Don’t wait, order today and GET READY!
Aug 10, 2006, 17:25

Archery Hall of Fame Induction 2006
The Archery Hall of Fame and Museum announced it would be inducting four into it's hallowed body at it's 24th Induction Ceremony Sept 22.

Aug 10, 2006, 06:31

Top Caribou Spot to stay Bowhunting Only!
Few people hunt harder than Roy Goodwin, nor work as hard to maintain his Tag-A-Long Hunts. If you want caribou you may want to check this out.

Aug 10, 2006, 05:11

News Sweepstakes
Enter to win the Sweepstakes at No purchase necessary

Aug 2, 2006, 11:24

Whitetail University - Learning starts here!

The more you know about whitetail, the greater success you’ll have. For the best in whitetail biology, how-to and strategy from today’ top whitetail experts do not miss this web site.

[ Visit Website ]
Aug 2, 2006, 10:24

Bud Fields Indiana Seminars
If you live in Indiana you may want to make these dates down to attend a Deer Hunting Seminar by Bud Fields.

Jul 29, 2006, 07:23

NEW - DuraGlo Night Sight Paint
Want to add some real visibility to your sights? This incredible paint will put a glow to your sight pins to make low light shooting more accurate.

Jul 20, 2006, 06:58

CamTrakker Used in Amazon Study
CamTrakker quality, dependability and technolgical advancements are used around the world in scientific projects. This one in the Amazon Rain Forest studies the ability of large bodied animals to subsist in dwindling forests.

Jul 19, 2006, 07:32

Pro Ears Chosen #1 by Field & Stream
Who makes the best electronic hearing protection/amplification systems? According the Field & Stream magazine, it's Pro Ears the hunters choice.

Jul 18, 2006, 09:21

New Bowhunting Lodge Opening
Paradise is open for business. If you want the best in hunting trophy caribou, moose and bear this is it. Limited Charter Membership available.

Jul 18, 2006, 08:12

The Trek Begins!
Craig, Dave and Troy will begin thier Trail To Recovery to benifit wounded soldiers. Follow these heros as they hike the Appalachian Trail.

Jul 16, 2006, 12:45

Darting Deer For Sport? We Don't Think So!
A new snake has reared it's head. As if we don't have enough with the antis, we now have some of our own who think hunting is a trivial, money making game. We think otherwise.

Jul 14, 2006, 06:32

Ask The Hunt Doctors

Do you have a medical question or problem? Is there something you have run across in your times outdoors that puzzle you?

Jul 13, 2006, 20:18

BowKaddy Legal Transportation in IL
How do you transport your bow and archery equipment? If you live in IL the BowKaddy has been approved. If you don't, it just makes good sense to.

Jul 13, 2006, 07:13

Horse & Fawn Photos
These photos of two horses and a new born whitetail fawn came from Jack & Dot Lyons via Shirley Strickland and are a must see.

Jul 13, 2006, 07:04

CamTrakker Discovers Huge Buck
Do you know what's in your hunting area?  Really?  Larry Porter thought he did. CamTrakker showed him a B&C buck he never knew was there.

Jul 12, 2006, 00:39

Youth Hunter Education Challenge
This summer thousands of our nation’s youth compete at local, state, and international events to take their hunter safety training to the next level.
Jul 11, 2006, 20:03

Hunt Whitetail & Turkey in Ohio

Bowhunting only, 6,000  never hunted acres. Great accommodations, great food, and down-home fun! Full or semi-guided 5-7 day hunts. Flexible dates and reasonable rates!

Jul 11, 2006, 00:02

Integrated Safety On Board!

Bringing increased safety to the woods, Fall Guy full body harness vests have been voted "Most comfortable vest in the woods".  Created by Automotive Engineers,  it's seatbelt technology for treestand hunters. Fall Guy
[ Visit Website ]
Jul 10, 2006, 15:02

TailorMaid Strings In Demand
Due to increased demand TailorMaid has increased inventory for faster turn around. Top quailty strings are available so get your order in today and shoot better.

Jul 7, 2006, 09:19

Enter CamTrakker Contest and Win

Scouting is in full swing and this year could be yours to win some great prizes including a hunt at Billy Don's WildHorse Prairie Ranch! So check it out and enter the CamTrakker Photo Contest today! :  Photo Contest
[ Visit Website ]
Jun 28, 2006, 13:03

BowTech Breaks New Ground
What do you do when you can't build product fast enough? You expand and that is what archery giant BowTech is doing. Bowhunters love BowTech, now there will be more to love.

Jun 28, 2006, 11:45

BowTech Joins 'Tribute' To Wounded Soldiers
BowTech has, from the beginning, been there to recognize and help our wounded soldiers as they return home. This 'Tribute' is just one more example of what great Americans do to help our heroes.

Jun 23, 2006, 11:13

Great Canadian Sportsman Now on

Sign up today for Your Free Subscription to Canada's newest quarterly, on-line magazine, designed for the true Outdoor Sportsman. Great Canadian Sportsman
[ Visit Website ]
Jun 21, 2006, 08:17

StonyBrook Outfitters Joins

Have more success with StonyBrook Outfitters scent eliminators/lures. Today’s big game hunters depend on StonyBrook Scent products for maximum results. Includes Scent Eraser and Fatal Attractor DNA Lures for deer and elk. StonyBrook

[ Visit Website ]
Jun 19, 2006, 11:20

CamTrakker Now With TrophyScore
Would you love to be able to score your bucks before you hunt them? You can now if you buy any CamTrakker Trail Camera. Each comes with TrophyScore.

Jun 17, 2006, 09:02

Fitzgerald TV Ready To Rock in '06
TEAM FITZGERALD OUTDOORS TV™ new season promises to continue 'keepin' it real' for the entire family!  The action begins June 26th! [ Visit Website ]
Jun 16, 2006, 08:34

Wear Red On Friday - Support Our Troops!
How can we show our national support for our troops? Simply by wearing something red every Friday. They are making a differance. Now is our chance.

Jun 14, 2006, 08:16

Due to unforseen circumstances the CamTrakker MK-6 units will not be available until 2007. We will reinstitute the Contest then. Please accept our apologies. The CamTrakker Line is still available so for the best in Trail/SCouting Camera Systems visit CamTrakker

Jun 14, 2006, 07:54

Bill Winke & MyTopoScout Can Help You Hunt
Need help evaluating or reading a topo map or aerial photo of your hunting area? MyTopoScout offers expert advise from Bill Winke to help you.
Jun 13, 2006, 00:39

Bear Hires Two Industry Pros.
Escalade Sports has made some incredible moves to renew the fire of Bear Archery and the hiring of Darik Bollig and Mark Wenberg confirm the drive.

Jun 11, 2006, 16:10

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