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Evaluations : Keith Dunlap
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Field Evaluation - Octane Quiver by BowTech
By Keith Dunlap
May 21, 2008 - 6:42:04 AM

BowTech has been building quality bows and products since 1999.  They have a reputation for developing products that lead the industry, rather than following old habits of other manufacturers.  BowTech fired up the archery industry with the introduction its new line of OCTANE high performance supplementary archery equipment at the ATA show this year in Indianapolis.  The line initially includes one-piece and two-piece quivers, arrow rests and stabilizers.
Octane one-piece and two-piece quivers are unlike anything currently on the market.  These quivers detach quickly, silently and without tools. Both permit parallel arrow mounting, silent arrow detachment, are manufactured from machined aluminum and provide for maximum adjustability.

BowTech sent their new Octane one-piece quiver to me for evaluation, and I was anxious to try it out.  Let's unwrap the new features and evaluate its performance.

The new Octane One-Piece Quiver by BowTech.


Upon initial inspection out of the package, I found no visible defects in workmanship or finish.  The quality was top notch.  Two hood inserts are included as standard equipment; a CNC pre-cut closed cell foam with corrosion inhibitor and a magnetic hood insert.  The magnetic insert holds arrows using rare earth magnets rather than foam.  Strong magnetic force draws the arrow to the exact center position of a dimpled rubber housing and protects the arrow tips and blades.  Arrows are inserted and removed "click-free" into a rubber housing without any of the noise associated with arrow removal from foam inserts.  Both hood inserts accept field and target points as well as all fixed and expandable broadheads.

The Octane one-piece quiver attaches to the bow using a mounting base that allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of the quiver from the bow without any tools.  The red-colored components shown in Figure 1 are the post and mounting knob that attach to the mounting base on the bow.  By simply loosening the mounting knob, the entire quiver pivots and detaches from the bow quickly and quietly.  The rubber arrow gripper and the arrow insert hood have side-to-side adjustments by loosening two cap screws on each component.  This allows for maximum flexibility to mount the quiver clear of other bow accessories (sight, rest, etc).  Another nice feature is the adjustable slot (see Figure 2) in the mounting bracket, which allows 30 degrees of angular adjustment to suit a wider range of bow and arrow combinations and individual preference. & Hardwoods Green® H

The Octane quiver hoods are available in black and seven camo patterns: Realtree Hardwoods & Hardwoods Green® HD™, APG® and MAX4®, Mossy Oak® Obsession®, Brush® and New Break-Up®.  The one-piece quiver I evaluated is in the Realtree Hardwoods Green HD® camo pattern.

The Octane one-piece quiver mounting bracket attaches to the bow sight using two machined screws.

The rubber gripper holds up to five arrows securely and has side-to-side adjustment. Each arrow is held absolutely parallel to the others for easier extraction. This keeps vanes from touching and causing noise during the shot.


I evaluated the Octane One-Piece Quiver for design and function.  I mounted the quiver on my BowTech Tribute in a matter of minutes using my trusty allen wrench set…two screws and done.  I adjusted the quiver to the angle I like and tightened the two mounting screws on the mounting bracket.  I then inserted five arrows with field tips, followed by five arrows with three-blade fixed broadheads, and then five arrows with mechanical broadheads.  I did this to test the ability of the Octane magnetic quiver to hold each of the three types of tips in place.  All arrows held in place without any movement during my testing.  I tried to make the arrows move within the quiver by holding the quiver at various positions, and by spinning the quiver quickly in several directions, with five arrows inserted.  The rare earth magnets held the arrows in place and kept each arrow centered perfectly, regardless of the type of tip I used.  I took the magnetic insert out of the hood to have a look.  There are actually five very strong rare earth magnets, one magnet used for each of the five arrows the insert holds in place.  These magnets are inserted into a molded rubber piece that then inserts into the hood of the quiver.  The molded rubber insert has five dimples on the inside, one for each of the five arrows it holds.  Combined with the rare earth magnets and the rubber gripper, these dimples align the arrows perfectly parallel to each other when you insert them into the quiver.

There are vibration-dampening components throughout the quiver, including a rubber strip that insulates the magnets from rubbing against the hood, and a vibration dampener behind the Octane logo on the hood.

The Octane one-piece quiver detaches quickly and quietly from its bow-mounting base.

The next part of my evaluation of the Octane one-piece quiver was to consider the functionality in hunting situations.  I tested this by climbing into my stand with the Octane quiver mounted to my Tribute.  I had five arrows with mechanical broadheads inserted in the quiver for testing purposes.  I proceeded up my stand, and left my bow and quiver on the ground to be hoisted up when I settled into the stand.  For the first test, I began to hoist the bow up, and then intentionally dropped it (only a few feet) to determine how well the arrows would stay in the Octane quiver…the arrows held in place each time I performed this test.  I then hoisted my Tribute up and proceeded to detach the quiver from my bow, and hang the quiver on a hook in the tree.  The detachment was simple and very quiet, and there were sufficient mounting "holes" in the body of the quiver to easily hang it on a hook in the tree.  I was satisfied that I could remove and hang the Octane quiver quietly and easily during hunting situations. 

Next, I proceeded to remove arrows one at a time as though I were loading for the hunt.  I was able to extract and re-insert each arrow quietly.  I attached the quiver loaded with five arrows, to my Tribute once again and I proceeded to shoot my bow to evaluate the noise level of the Octane quiver.  For comparison purposes, I shot arrows with the quiver attached and without the quiver attached to my bow.  I admit that I did not use a decibel meter to evaluate noise, and my test was rather subjective.  Nonetheless, I found the Octane one-piece quiver to be quiet during my shots, with no noticeable increase in noise or vibration when shooting with the quiver attached to the bow.

  •     Body of quiver: machined aluminum
  •     Hood: molded plastic
  •     Magnetic insert: has five rare earth magnets, one for each arrow, inserted into molded rubber insert
  •     Fits all bows with AMO sight holes
  •     Weight: 14.27 oz (with magnetic hood insert)
  •     Suggested Retail Price:  $129.99

I like this quiver.  I am anxious to use it during the upcoming archery-hunting season.  The magnetic hood holds the arrows securely in place, and arrow removal is quiet.  The fact that the quiver detaches so quickly and quietly from the bow is a feature I will definitely take advantage of this hunting season.  The only con with the Octane one-piece quiver is the weight…it is heavy…but you have the option to remove it from the bow while hunting from a stand.

For additional information about Octane archery accessories, visit their website - Octane Fuel the Hunt by BowTech


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