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Evaluations : Keith Dunlap
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Field Evaluation - Ghost Rider Bow Sight
By Keith Dunlap - Field Evaluator
Aug 9, 2008 - 9:31:07 AM

Don Priebe, President/Founder of Hind Sight, Inc. is a bowhunter like you and I, but he refused to accept standard bow sighting equipment available to him back in 1994.  He struggled with using peeps in low light situations and found that he could not see past his front sight in those situations when using a peep sight with a small aperture.  When he tried peeps with large apertures, he lost accuracy, and nothing he tried worked.  Thus, he set out to develop a rear mounted sighting system that eliminated the need for a string peep altogether.  In 1997, Don started selling his first Hind Sight - rear mounted sight.

The product I evaluated, the "Ghost Rider" from Hind Sight, Inc., incorporates this same technology with a rear mounted Magnum aperture and a TruGlo Tru-Site Xtreme 3-pin bow sight.  Let's take a look at how the Ghost Rider performs.

The Ghost Rider Bow Sight from Hind Sight. The distance between the front pins and Magnum rear sight is approximately 7 nches.

Initial Inspection:
I received the Ghost Rider from Hind Sight, Inc. and inspected it for any visible defects in workmanship and overall quality.  The product was securely packaged, and arrived in perfect condition.  I found no visible defects in any of the components and the overall quality appeared to be solid.  The three fiber optic pins, which wrap around the front sight, were securely contained in clear plastic tubing and covered with a clear shroud.  The LED light included with the Ghost Rider worked as it should.  The components fit together perfectly with the hardware included with the sight.  

The rear "Magnum Aperture" eliminates the need for a peep sight

I had no difficulty with the assembly and installation of the Ghost Rider, and the instructions included with the sight were adequate for initial setup and sighting in on my bow.  I installed the Ghost Rider on my Bear "The Truth 2" rig in less about 20 minutes, including a review of the instructions.  Two 10-24 flat head screws included in the package secure the assembled Ghost Rider to the riser using an Anchor Block.  It is worth noting that the Ghost Rider is reversible for right or left handed applications.  This is a nice feature that provides greater flexibility for future use (hand down to a left-handed son as an example).  One note…you must ensure 1" of clearance between the rear Magnum aperture and your cable string.  I sighted the Ghost Rider in for twenty yards and aligned the sights at that distance. 

I thought it best to copy a section of the Ghost Rider instructions, as it will better explain how the Ghost Rider works with its secondary point of alignment.

The pin guard and rear sight ring will appear as one when your centering pin is located in the cross hairs.  The centering pin must be positioned in the center of the pin guard for this alignment to occur.  Begin close to the target, within 10 yards.  To align sights to where the arrow is impacting, the archer has the options to move the front sight, rear aperture, or both.  If you think of a straight line from your eye to the arrows impact, you are simply placing your sights on that line.  Adjust a single sight pin toward the arrow's impact.  Now move back to 20-yds. and do the same.  Now position the rear aperture so that at full draw you are centering the front pin in the cross hairs at 20 yds.  If you are off target, move the sights accordingly.

Example of 30-yd shot as viewed through rear aperture.

The Ghost Rider is used with multiple pins by placing the same front distance pin (20 yard pin in my evaluation) in the center of the rear cross hairs.  It is recommended that the most often used pin should be chosen as the centering pin.  Example: intended target is 20 yards, place the 20-yd pin in the center of the cross hairs and on the target, take the shot.  Target is now at 30 yards, place the 20-yd pin in the center of the cross hairs, raise the bow up until the 30-yd pin is on the target, take the shot.  By always centering the same distance pin in the rear cross hairs, archers are assured that they are in the same hold and correct alignment for each shot (see figure 3 above).
Now that we better understand how to use the Ghost Rider, let's see how it measures up.

Shot Accuracy:  Testing began with accuracy performance.  I should mention that the Ghost Rider eliminates hand torque of the bow as it forces you to align the rear aperture ring with the front pin guard and further align the sight pin with the cross hairs.  Because the front and rear sights are attached to opposite sides of the riser it is virtually impossible to torque the bow without seeing it. If torque is present, the sights move in opposite directions. The farther apart the sights are, the more sensitive to torque the system becomes, insuring a steadier hold on your target.

I shot my Truth 2 rig with the Ghost Rider at 20 yards and shot several groups of 2" or less.  I continued shooting at 30 and 40-yard distances, with similar results.  I had no trouble dialing the Ghost Rider in at all three distances.  My arrow groupings were noticeably improved and the target was very easy to find through the rear aperture and front sight ring.  The alignment ring and bright .029 front sight pins on this sight quickly train your eye to the target, and allow you to focus on your shot.  The results were impressive, to say the least.  I was a bit skeptical about eliminating the need for a peep sight, and it took several shots to adjust to it, but I was pleased with my accuracy.

Cross hairs contain ProGlow 20, & will glow for up to 14 hours after 7 minutes of light exposure (daylight or artificial).

Light Gathering: 
The final phase of my evaluation of the Ghost Rider sight was to evaluate using the sight in low light conditions.  This was a simple test…I shot my Truth 2, equipped with the Ghost Rider sight and no peep, and I shot my Bowtech Tribute hunting rig, equipped with a top-name bow sight and peep…both in dusk lighting conditions.  I compared my ability to shoot into a 3D whitetail target in this dusk lighting situation.  I did not use any additional light source (LED, etc) for either sight.  Both sights I compared had three .029 fiber optics coiled around the pin guard to maximize light gathering.  With the Ghost Rider, I was able to continue grouping arrows into the 3D target well beyond what I would normally consider shooting light.  The Ghost Rider sight performed very well and I was surprised at the improved visibility I had with the elimination of my peep and the use of the rear Magnum aperture on the Ghost Rider.  I was able to focus on the whitetail target without the usual restricted vision you get when using a peep sight.

 Specifications as Tested:
  •     Sight pins: TruGlo Tru-Site Xtreme 3-pin fiber optics
  •     Fiber optics: .029 inch, colors are green, red, and yellow
  •     Overall length: 7.875 inches
  •     Weight:   7.5 oz.
  •     Magnum rear aperture inside diameter: 1.25 inches
  •     Front sight inside diameter:  1.625 inches
  •     Sight main body material: CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  •     Finish/Camo Pattern: matte black
  •     LED light included
  •     Retail Price:  $109.95

The Ghost Rider performs as advertised.  Don Priebe himself called me to explain the sight and his commitment to quality and performance.  This speaks volumes about the company and their commitment to produce a sight that performs as well as they claim that it does.  I was impressed with my accuracy using this sight, and my ability to focus on the intended target even in low light conditions.

Pros: great quality, accurate, light gathering (including LED light and glowing aperture for low light conditions).

Cons: sighting in process was a bit more complex than normal for a sight (results are worth it), would like to see .019 pins available.

To see the full line of Hind Sight, Inc products, visit their website: Hind Sight, Inc.


© Copyright 1996 - 2010 by

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