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New Products : Bow Reviews : Jason Balazs : 2007
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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2007-Bow_3.jpg Visit Jason Balazs's website

2007 Bow Review - Martin 'Bengal'
By Jason Balazs
Jun 22, 2007 - 7:30:53 AM


The Bengal has a fully Machined aluminum riser that has sounds and vibration dampening that is installed at the factory. This dampening device is called a V.E.M. Vibration Escape Module.  This is the next step in the evolution of vibration dampening. Floating steal weights suspended from all directions eat up vibration at the source, producing a quieter bow.  The Grip is also made from a sound dampening rubber that is called the Thermal Grip. This grip is a thick grip that offers warmth and comfort.  There is also an added integrated shelf plate that assists in the reducing of vibration and makes for an overall look of the bow.


Martin uses something called Coreflex limbs. These limbs are not molded, but laminated under high pressure and temperatures. The result is consistency and durability. The Bengal's is a single Cam now that is outfitted with the M-pro Single Cam. One of Martins smoothest drawing cams they have. The limb pockets on the Bengal are made from Machined Aluminum. There is no rubber or plastic used for mounting the limb pockets on the bow. The limb bolts are threaded into a steal barrel that is put into your riser. This will ensure that the bolts do not strip and allows for precision alignment of the limb against the riser, which makes a more accurate shooting bow.


Grip Test :

 I drew the Bengal 10 times trying to change my grip every time.  The grip was not only comfortable, but fits your hand well.  Even if I were holding my grip in a different spot, the bow would not torque.  Like I said before, this is a fat gripped bow, but it feels right at home in your hand and gives you the feeling of control when you draw.

Draw Test:

Next, I wanted to test the draw of the bow at 70 lbs.  I ensured that the pounds were set correctly on my Apple Bow Tuning/Drawing Tool. Then, I drew the bow 10 times with my eyes closed. 

The initial pull of the Bengal is very light and once you reach the valley, it is like pulling nothing at all. Again, this is another one of those bows this year that has such a smooth draw that made me re-check the weight to ensure it was 70lbs and not 60.     


For testing the speed I shot through my Chronograph from Competition electronics 10 times. The average speed of all ten shots was 284fps. There was no kick from the bow or vibration that could be felt. The Bengal is parallel limb bow and that in combination with the vibration dampening equipment, is very quiet.


  • Axle to Axle: 32"
  • Brace Height: 7"
  • Peak Speed: 310 FPS
Once again another great bow in the 2007 bow review. The Bengal has surpassed my expectations from what I thought it was going to be. This bow has great speed and zero noise or vibration. One other added benefit is the bows price tag is in the mid $300's. The technology that Martin has put into this bow shows that they just don't save the quality for their high-end models. With the speed, smoothness of draw, and absence of sound, this bow would be great for a beginning or even an experienced archer and has my thumbs up!

Visit the Martin Archery website:

To see the Bengal being shot, visit Jason's website:

Special thanks to:
Easy Eye:
Apple archery:    
R.S. Bowvise:
Victory Archery:
Competition electronics:


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