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New Products : Bow Reviews : Jason Balazs : 2007
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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2007-Bow_3.jpg Visit Jason Balazs's website

2007 Bow Review - Black Ice
By Jason Balazs
Apr 30, 2007 - 11:56:54 AM

2007 Bow Review: Diamond Archery's Black Ice

VIDEO: Jason Balazs shooting the Diamond Archery Black Ice

Last December I talked with Rich Walton about doing a 2007 bow review to let the readers know what is out there for 2007.  Now I know that not everyone is looking for a brand new bow, but there are some people who are. 

These reports are what I think a bow should be. With that being said, each bow that I review will be shown on its own day. This way we are concentrating on that bow only.

All of the 2007 model bows will be using the same rest, shooting the same arrow, through the same chronograph at same distance.

The rest that I used are Quicktune 800's from New Archery Products. These rests proved to set up quickly and painlessly. For setting the bows up, I used an R.S. Bowvise and levels along with the Easy Eye Center Laser.  I have mentioned this before; I would be lost with out the R. S. Bowvise and laser from easy eye.  For the arrow, I will be shooting a 365.5-grain, Vforce HV500 carbon arrow from Victory Archery cut to 28" on my Apple Archery arrow cut-off saw.

All of the bows that I am shooting are set at 70lbs with a 29" draw. I was able to ensure that all of the bows were set to the exact measurements and poundage by using my Apple Super Pro Bow press outfitted with the new Bow Tuning/Drawing tool.  This thing is awesome because it allows you to measure and set the draw length on every bow. Along with the Bow tuning/Drawing tool, I will be using the new Parallel Limb bow adapter for the bow press.  This minimizes potential damage to expensive bows, while saving valuable setup time.  

Diamond Black Ice by Bowtech

The riser on the Black Ice is Machined aluminum for overall reduction in the bows weight. It is outfitted with a slender two-piece grip that has a thumb grove. Diamond has repositioned their arrow rest holes to reduce torque on the bow upon release. This increases accuracy and provides additional stability.


Diamond has outfitted the Black Ice with 12 inch, 53-degree beyond-parallel limbs. Along with this, they have optimized the center cam placement. The Black Ice is a single cam bow and the idler wheel is called the Pinnacle cam. It measures an impressive 4 inches. This in combination with the center cam placement allows the string to a perfect parallel line with the riser of the bow.   Also another added benefit with the Black Ice is the tunable valley.


The first test I conducted was the grip test.  I drew the black ice 10 times and would always grip the bow a little different each time. This way, I was not just utilizing my grip in the testing.  The results I was looking for were if there was any torque on the bowstring or cams. The Black Ice's grip proved to be very universal. There was no torque of the bow with each change of grip and the grip felt comfortable and complete in my hand.  

Next, I wanted to test the draw of the bow at 70 lbs.  I ensured that the pounds were set correctly on my Apple Bow Tuning/Drawing Tool. Then, I drew the bow 10 times. For a second, I thought that the scale was wrong, but I remember back to testing the Diamond Liberty last year. The Black Ice had the same type of draw cycle that the Liberty had. It felt like I was drawing 60lbs back versus 70lbs.  The draw was as smooth as silk and ended with a solid wall at 29".

For testing the speed I shot through my Chronograph from Competition electronics 10 times. The average speed of all ten shots was 287fps (yeah that is right, 287). Upon each release there was little vibration that was felt in the hand as well as little noise.

To tell you the truth, the Black Ice reminds me of the BowTech Tribute; only it is a single cam with a smoother draw. It has the speed that will perform for long shots, yet there is hardly any vibration.  The bow is built to the quality of standards that Bowtech is known for.  I would highly recommend the Black Ice to someone who is looking for a new bow, not only new archers, but veterans as well.

  •     Axle-To-Axle - 31 "
  •     IBO Speed-   309-317 fps
  •     Brace Height- 7 "
  •     Mass Weight- 3.6lbs
  •     Draw length- 26"-30"
  •     Draw weights- 50, 60, 70


Visit Jason Balazs's website:

Special thanks to:
Easy Eye:
Apple archery:    
R.S. Bowvise:
Victory Archery:
Competition electronics:


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