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Z1 : Tony Dukes
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Nikon 1200 Laser RangeFinder
By WR Dukes
Mar 9, 2006, 06:09

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A few years back I bought rangefinders for Christmas presents for my brother and pal. Not being graduates of the "school of tact" they both informed me that they needed more than a quarter mile.

Being a completely dedicated bow only, hunter/guide for over 20 years, I couldn't help but think, "Why do I need a rangefinder that will range out to over 1200 yards?" (Getting close to 3/4 mile here folks) OK, so I'm not always the master of the obvious.

The NIKON 1200 opens up your mind. Listen, like when you went from a standard 2 1/2X or that 4X Weaver to a high dollar, variable that took in lots of light and let you "Be there" at 12-16 power with the animal in your crosshairs. What a good thing it was for rifles, what a good thing the NIKON 1200 is for serious rangefinding needs. The 1200 is one of those things that once I used it, I could never see using a lesser one again. (Web Site: NIKON)

The 1200 is great for ranging points of ambush and distance from hunter to game, by hunter or guide from a distance. Also for designating points of entrance to stands or blinds without marking landscape and more.

NIKON, the name itself is a statement. The camera's that recorded history so eloquently, have for some time produced and continue to improve on sporting/hunting binoculars as well as Laser Rangefinders. They also make an excellent crossbow scope that topped of every soldier’s hunt done with the Coalition to Salute America's heroes.

I have had sponsors most for over the last twenty years, helping me and letting me test their new equipment. The one manufacturer that I have held onto the longest is NIKON. I claim a quality by association with a company that is perhaps the most famous name in optics as well as a generous supporter of returning combat heroes and the hurricane victims. That is the kind of company I like to work with. If you have the pleasure to meet Jon LaCorte or Ed Friedman, you will know again, good people make good companies.


Optics 7x, with effective objective lens of 25mm, real field of view 5.0 degrees. Parallax setting at 300m/10-1, 100m. Measurement of accuracy is an amazing +/-.5 yds from 11 to 1,200 yards. Distance displayed with up to four digits, auto power shut off for the CR2 lithium batteries, which appear to last many days of hunting without need for replacement. The compact rangefinder is waterproof. Possibly one of the best reasons to buy NIKON is their ability to read through netting and other blind materials which inhibit or prevent others from working. Overall dimensions LxWxH, 145x47x82mm, weighing in at 280g.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof/Fogproof, nitrogen purged & O-ring sealed
  • Nikon's tru-target ranging system allows for precise ranging in all situations as far out as 1200 yards
  • Unmatched 1/2-yard accuracy
  • 1200 yard effective range -- non-reflective targets
  • Nikon's original digital process for faster, more accurate readings and accuracy that is not effected by temperature
  • Long eye-relief for comfortable ranging
  • Battery-included
  • Select from two measurements modes (Target Priority Switch System)
  • First Target Priority Mode or Distant Target Priority Mode.
  • Fast, simple, one touch operation
  • High-eye point design
  •  LCD w/backlight
  • Capable of distancing different target in succession, for up to 20 seconds by keeping button pushed.

Contact your local NIKON dealer to see one of the most revolutionary hunting aids. For the entire line: NIKON


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