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Z1 : Tony Dukes
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

African Bowhunt Part 4
By Tony Dukes
Oct 31, 2005, 08:36

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Those Who Made It Possible:

DOUBLE BULL: Once again less than 20 minutes, a freshly set up Double Bull Matrix kept me from being noticed by the trophy animals of S. Africa. The brown deception pattern blew the African's PH's minds. They could not believe it camo'd well without brushing it in. Although in some cases we thought it was necessary. I have taken all but one animal of over 40 game animals since Sept. last year in the Matrix. They just work. DOUBLE BULL
BOWTECH:,  I just like the word, love the bow. Now my binary cam DEFENDER, set at around 56# has taken 18 game animals in 18 shots. Never has this happened to me before and I am not a great shot. I just have faith in my experience and BOWTECH. This is the first cam bow that doesn't buck, hand shock, have a bad valley or rough break point. The bow is just sweet, smooth and very fast. BOWTECH
MAGNUS BROADHEADS: I had the privilege of testing the brand new MAGNUS BUZZCUT broadheads in 100 gr. The 4 blade head shot through a giant Waterbuck, a Kudu and broke the front leg and buried into the lungs of a zebra. Deadly and true of flight. I love them, nothing ever goes wrong. MAGNUS
NIKON:, Fortunately I had packed two of each of my very important things like Nikon binoculars and rangefinders because they had been stolen from my bag when I got it a day late.  Good news I had a back up pair in my pack. NIKON
I swear this is true, Adriaan Rall, my PH on my Nyala hunt assured me that we would have not recovered my Nyala if it were not for the exceptional clarity of Nikon's new 8X. Too add to the significant accolades,  my PH, Rickos DeVailie in the Free State, read out rangefinder readings over 20 times from 18-55 yards before I made lethal shot on my 36"+ Gemsbok bull. The shot would have not been made on a constant moving animal without the precision Nikon Rangefinder.
CX MAXIMA ARROWS: What can I say about the known consistency and accuracy of Carbon Express Maxima arrows. You won't see me shooting anything else. They rule. CARBON EXPRESS
TRUFLIGHT FEATHERS: Keep the perspective or the flight of the arrow correct. I love their barred turkey feathers. Never plan on shooting a plastic vane. Neither Robin Hood nor Fred Bear didn't, and neither do I. TRUFLIGHT
EASY-EYE: Thanks to Nick and Pat's Easy Eye wraps I was able to find most of my arrows since they were pass throughs. They add a distinctive look, a class look and a good looking look to my arrows and they work to help find errant and pass through arrows. EASY-EYE
WILDLIFE RESEARCH CENTER: Part of getting close to wild game is scent or lack of it.  Wildlife Research soaps, Scent Killers Scent Eliminator and potent scents go on every hunt with me. Have for years because they work. WildLife Research Center
SKB Cases:  Without their tough construction and built in security I would've lost everything from airport thieves or baggage gorillas. SKB CASES
AFRICAN BOWHUNTER MAGAZINE: Good friends of mine and the boys of BOWHUNTING.NET these men, Rean and Adriaan are the friends of bowhunting. You will never regret subscribing to African Bowhunter for you will go there someday.
THAWNE SAFARIS:  I could have NEVER imagined seeing this much trophy game in 5 trips to Africa. This is the place. No doubt whatsoever. You get what you pay for and much more when you book a hunt with Adriaan for THWANE or any Africa game animal. The man performs. 
BOWHUNTING.NET I want to thank Robert and Rich for putting up with me and some of my stuff over the years. I have a lot of independent projects which will cause my contributions to BOWHUNTING.NET to go on hold for 06. Be back when I'm older and wiser! Thanks so much!
Jaque, Rickos, Corne and Cactus Jack for the great hunt with Nyatti and the Kandiri bowhunting lodge in the Free State.

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Tony Dukes
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