The Last Hunt
By Robert Hoague
Jan 6, 2009 - 11:13:05 AM


John Askew hunted at the Point in the GameTamers treestand overlooking three deer crossings through the nearby fence.

Between 4:00 and 4:30 John saw 4 hogs come from the woods behind behind him and go through the fence on the right. Then they pushed through a hole in the fence in front of John. One was brown and John took aim and shot. The hit was lower than expected and the hog ran. Through the trees 50 yards away John saw it fall and roll over. Three more hogs came later and John shot but the arrow went under the hog and hit a rock.

Later a loud noise sounded and a button buck came through the fence. Other deer appeared on the opposite side of the fence. Then a doe came through the fence and wide 8-point hopped it and the two walked past John. The buck's antlers were wide and tall but not very heavy. Its body did not look mature either. John shot at the doe but once again the arrow was low.

When John met me at camp we went right back out and recovered the hog.

After we returned from eating at Lil' Tex Restaurant John checked his sight and it was a few inches low. He sighted in.

The next morning John went to his Gate stand. The weather had turned warm and humid. Two button bucks and another young deer came into the area. A large doe followed them. John raised his bow and the big doe saw it. She couldn't figure out what the movement was but walked back into the trees. Ten minutes later the big doe came up to the fence, ducked under it and walked in front of John's stand. When it moved its front left leg forward John shot right behind the left leg. There was a loud whack and the arrow did not pass through and the doe ran. John heard the doe crash in the trees.

A little later we recovered the doe. John's arrow had broken its right shoulder.


Bryant and Justin came down and hunted Saturday afternoon.

Justin Gosnel hunted the Gate stand. Three does walked up behind him and Justin turned and got a shot at the largest one. It ran back into the trees.

Justin followed the blood trail but lost it in some high grass. He returned to camp and wew all went to look for it. Bryant picked up the trail where the deer had changed directions and quickly found the doe.

This is Justin's second year to bowhunt and this doe is his second deer with a bow.

This year both of John's son-in-laws and his son Bryant have tagged does.


While checking for a particular picture I noticed one of Jensen with his Wild Turkey. He got it in November but somehow I missed getting his hunt up. He was hunting a tripod in the Back 200 and saw a wild turkey. It is legal to take hens or gobblers during the Fall deer season and Jensen was good to go for one if he got the chance.

The turkey, a hen, appeared and dissapeared in the trees as it circled the area where Jensen was hunting. Soon it was close enough for a shot and when it walked into the clear Jensen was ready. The shot was good and Jensen recovered his first wild turkey.


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