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Online Bowhunts : Bowhunting For Deer : 2008
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Rick's Last Deer Hunt
By Rick Philippi
Feb 24, 2009 - 4:41:03 PM

We still had some MLD permitsfor my hunting land -- which allows us to hunt through February.  I gave Robert a call last week and he and I decided to bust out to the ranch and get in a quick 2 day hunt. 

We had a great hunt.  On Wednesday Robert had 4 Toms come in and then right at dark he had 5 bucks at 6 yards from the Double Bull Dark Horse.  We were after does on this hunt so Robert just enjoyed the sight of 5 bucks at such a close distance.

Thursday morning was slow, we did not see a thing.  Thursday evening picked up. 

Both Robert and I had nice Tom Turkeys within bow range.  I was watching gobblers when I noticed some movement 60 yards in front of me. There were 4 mature does making their way down a trail that led within 14 yards of my Gametamer Quad Pod. 

When the group of 4 does hit my shooting lane I already had the Bow Tech General at full draw.  I sent the carbon Express arrow tipped with the 100 grain XP Spitfire on its way.  The hit was good and the deer did not go 80 yards.

Special thanks to these great companies:

Bow Tech Archery-
Carbon Express-
Swarovski --
C' mere Deer--
Nikon rangefinder--
Game Tamers Treestand--

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