Cory Gets The First Hog
By Robert Hoague
Dec 15, 2008 - 4:05:17 PM

I stopped my tuck 200 yards up the woods road from the Hammer Hole and walked Cory Nolan down to the end of the road.

I showed him where a tripod was and returned to the truck and dropped off Wade. Half a dozen trails cross the two t rack road here and soon Cory saw a six point buck walk out of the woods. A few minutes later he saw a larger 7-point. Three does were next. Cory has a doe tag and wants to use it and looked for an opportunity. But it didn't happen.

Later he heard a loud ruckus in the woods followed by squeals. Cory saw bunch of wild hogs coming out of the dense cedar cover along the road. Behind them he saw two larger black hogs. One stopped 8 yards from his stand and Cory drew, aimed and shot. The arrow went over the hog.

Behind it the second large hog retreated to the edge of the woods and stopped, looking to see what the disturbance was. This time it was a 20 yard shot and Corry saw his arrow make a vital hit. The hog group scattered back into the woods they came from and Cory saw one come into view. He was sure it was his hog and he made mental notes of where it went.

When Wade and I drove up a little after dark Cory told us what had happened. We went to where the hog had been shot and found his blood covered arrow.

The trail went in the direction Cory had seen the hog run and when we lost the trail we checked out that area. But, no luck.

We returned to the last blood and soon unraveled the trail. The hog had zig zagged and then gone in a different direction. Cory and Wade kept on the trail and I moved ahead to look.

This is an area that I know well and on many past hunts the hogs had ran towards a particular hole worn under the nearby barbed wire fence so I walked in that direction. and in about 20 yards I saw the wild hog laying in a trail.

We phoned B.J. at Whaley Deer Processing to let him know we were on the way. We dropped the hog off there to be made into pork chops, roast and some of B;J.'s delicious breakfast sausage. Then we went to Storm's and put the hurt on three Storm's Specials. It was a good first day in the deer woods for my visitors from Pennsylvania.

Here is Cory Nolan with his first wild hog with the bow on this 2008 hunt. He used a BowTech Tribute set at 70 pounds and the Nugent zebra Gold Tip arrows. He got complete penetration and the hog was down in 45 yards.


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