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Online Bowhunts : Bowhunting For Deer : 2008
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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By Robert Hoague
Jan 6, 2009 - 10:43:03 AM

On the walk to the new blind -- the afternoon after setting it up -- a doe ran across the road about 40 yards in front of me. I eased into the blind, sat down, and quietly slid the zipper back on my camera case. Before I could get it unzipped enough to remove the camera or video cam two mature does walked out of the trees on a trail 15 yards in front of me. They looked the area over carefully for quite a while and went to the chewed down food plot and chewed down the green sprigs some more.

While they did that I eased my black face mask on and quietly pulled on my black long sleeve T-shirt. Before long the two does walked in my direction. Suddenly they bolted and ran across the food plot and into the trees to the west.

Before they were out of sight a group of wild hogs walked out on the trail the deer had originally used. They were young ones. I noticed a larger one behind them. And a larger yet one was behind that one. But they didn't slow down enough for a shot and I watched and waited for nearly half an hour before the two does appeared in the food plot again. During the wait I noticed that mosquitoes were coming out and I turned on my ThermaCELL to keep them out of the blind.

Before long, out of the trees across the plot, three more does walked into the far side. One was a giant bus doe. Two younger does joined the trio. The two does on my side of the plot, who were incidentally 35 yards away and out of my comfort zone, watched the giant doe attentively and when it approached them with its ears back they hurried in my direction.

Yikes! A gun shot rang out, probably 200 yards away. (You can gun or bow hunt here this time of year.) The loud shot scattered the deer, but only a short distance.

One of the mature does stopped 15 yards away and I BowTeched up and settled the vibrant green fiber-optic pin on the deer's vitals. In spite of the uncertainty due to the unexpected rifle shot I didn't rush my shot, I made certain the pin was right where it needed to be and my form was just right ... then I pulled the trigger. The doe bolted into the trees 5 yards to the south and the other deer dispersed at near light speed.

My arrow was 20 yards past the doe, laying by the rock that stopped it. A quick check with the Nikon's showed the entire shaft was blood red. This shouldn't be a difficult tracking job.

And it wasn't.

I drove back to camp and Robbie Beckwith was there. We took the doe to B.J. Whaley's Deer Processing to be made into steaks, chops and chili meat. Then we ate hamburgers at Storm's.

Notes on the Blind. The same day I set the blind up both deer and wild hogs walked by it without a care. That doesn't happen with any pop up blind I've used before, not with deer. I think I need a little work on my new window system but I might just be onto something good. At least the first test out of the box makes it look that way.


82nd AIRBORNE (BowTech Archery)
Not to mince words, this is the best bow I've ever shot. It's labeled a "speed bow" and it surely is. I rockets my hunting arrows out at 301-fps and that's really something. I want a bow that will shoot flat, be comfortable to hold, be easy to put the accessories on it, shoot smooth, draw smooth, be accurate arrow after arrow, and be QUIET when you let go of the bowstring.
The 82nd Airborne does all those things better than any other bow I've ever used. Bottom Line, it rocketed my arrow exactly where I was aiming, completely through it, and 20 yards beyond.

INNERLOC EXP Broadhead (Innerloc Broadheads)
I've shot this broadhead before and I guarantee you this is a top notch broadhead, built by a top notch family owned company, the Sullivan's of Sullivan Industries. The EXP is an Expandable broadhead and I shot the 100 grain 3-blade with 1 1/8" cut. It shoots exactly like my field points which makes it easy to get in lots of practice and be right on target. Everything boils down to shot placement, penetration and the cutting power of the broadhead. My shot was right on the money, it zipped through the doe and the cut put it down quickt and close.


I'm using the Right On bowsight with the new HOGGWRAP -- Spot-Hogg's brighter, more durable fiber optic system that mounts on Spot-Hogg hunting bowsights. Brightness is important to me, especially when hunting from a ground blind so I selected their largest .039 fiber optic pins to get the extra brightness and larger size. I also added Spot-Hogg's adjustable Rheostat Light for additional brightness. While waiting to see if I would get a chance for a shot I turned the Rheostat on. When the sudden window of opportunity came for a shot I drew and followed the bright green top pin to the lethal shot behind the front leg, and that's where the arrow went.    

WHISPERFLITE Fall Away ArrowRest (Alpine Archery)

An immediate issue in shooting the super fast 82nd Airborne was that it blasted the arrows out faster than the fall away rest I had on it.. That rest simply couldn't get out of the way fast enough. I remembered that at the ATA Show I talked to an Alpine rep and he showed me the WhisperFlite and told me it would handle the 300 plus fps challenge. So before the bow/deer season I switched my rest for the Alpine WhisperFlite. Wow, a total 'Thumbs Up' in every way. The arrow stays on it when you are waiting. And it definitely gets out of the way when I shoot because my arrows flew great, and groups very tight. 

The Octane bow quiver made by BowTech has something brand new that turns out to be a big plus in bow quiver design, a Magnetic Hood Insert. It holds the arrows using rare earth magnets to secure the broadhead end of the arrow. The magnetic force guides your  arrow to the exact, right place, too -- and holds them in place securely. This makes it easier and faster to put the broadhead in the quiver's protective hood. And there is no noise when you remove an arrow. This is a definite improvement to bow quivers.

SCENT KILLER (Wildlife Research Center)
Scent control is always important to deerhunters but it is a notch up in importance when you hunt from a ground blind situation. You're right on ground level with the deer and there is no margin for error. I've used Scent Killer spray and soaps since the 80's to eliminate human scent from my clothing, gear and myself. It works. And it worked for me today, deer came very close to the blind.

I fletched my Gold Tip Traditional Hunter wood grain finish arrows with the quick, easy and accurate Arizona E-Z Fletch and used the Razyr feathers from Gateway Feathers with arrow wraps from EASY-Eye Arrow Wraps. I shoot with a string loop and use a release designed specifically for that, a Fletch Hook from Jim Fletcher Archery. For over two years I've taken the internal odor deodorant NULLO For Hunters daily. This pill has worked for me on many hunts as well as this one. Nullo, and zapping my internal scent, is a great addition to the scent control for my clothing, gear and skin. During this hunt the weather warmed up and mosquitoes and knats came out and it was THERMACELL to the rescue. It works -- and, importantly, it does not bother the deer.


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