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Online Bowhunts : Annual Bowhunt : 2009
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 - 1:11:39 PM
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Twitter's Rickybuck Brings In An Ohio Buck
By Robert Hoague
Nov 9, 2009 - 2:10:51 PM

Rick Ruzzamenti flew in from California last Thursday. At first he scouted Jockey Hollow and set up on two scrapes, one very big. Nothing happened there so he made a trip to a friend's place in Licking county and made a stalk on a big buck mating a doe, but got busted by a second buck that he hadn't seen. He hunted two more days and returned to our hunt.

Rick set up a treestand in a hollow 400 yards from the camp grounds. At 5:30pm he saw a deer at the bottom of the hollow, coming up the side of the hill in front of tree treestand. It was a shooter 8-point. When it changed directions and started the other way Rick checked the buck for yardage, 50 yards.

Rick used his Can call and the buck stopped and looked his way. Rick bleated some more with the Can. The buck started coming in Rick's direction.

At 30 yards Rick got him to stop by grunting himself. The buck stopped and Rick shot right away. He thought the arrow went underneath him. But when he checked things out he found blood.

Rick decided to back off until the morning.

He had a rough night's sleep. This morning he returned and immediately found his arrow, it was covered with blood. The trail was good and it led to the buck 100 yards away. The further good news was that the buck was near a logging road that made getting it out of the woods much easier.

Rick Ruzzamenti (Rickybuck) is an outfitter in Alberta, Canada for waterfowl only, check him out at For 20 years he has built recording studios for the rich and famous. Check out the gallery at and you can see his work. He heard about the hunt on Twitter and made some great friends here. 

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