International Bowhunters Education

Art Champoux

International Bowhunters Education

By Art Champoux

May 23, 2006 – 6:10:00 AM


River Bowhunters
sponsored a IBEP program last weekend. The class had 30 students in it. They
took this comprehensive course that ran from 8am to 5pm at the club house of
this archery orientated organization.

From archery history to the final
dressing of game this course is a comprehensive class in bowhunting
safety.  Now why am I writing this?  Because in this state if you want to bowhunt
you MUST either have a previous archery license from any year or any state OR
this course. This course primarily focuses on bowhunting safety and all the
main points on how to avoid accidents and hunt in an ethical way. There are
many aspects and subjects that must be covered along with outside demonstrations
and on hand techniques to safely and legally take an animal in this state or
any other.

This course that was endorsed and
sponsored by many archery clubs and archery manufacturers is one that has been
evolving since 1979. Originally set up by Bill Wadsworth a passionate bowhunter
and outdoorsman to encompass the ethics and safety of this ancient sport. Bill
and his foresight sought to get the whole message of every aspect of bowhunting
to the new comer and the seasoned hunter alike. His brain child and his
involvement to make bowhunting a legitimate tool for the harvesting of game
with the safety need to protect the environment         and
the hunter and others also.

All aspects of equipment, tree stand methods and even into
First aid and the survival skills are taught and shown with hands on experience
and even a test at the end of this all day event.

Why do I mention this now?  Because Fall is fast approaching and before
you know it Sept 15 will be here before you know it. Now is the time to ask
your local sportsman club if they are going to have one. Call the NH Fish and
Wildlife in Concord
to see if they have a list of up coming classes that are held in this state.
The IBEP is an international organization that is recognized by most countries.
So if you plan to hunt out west or in Canada or other countries check
with them to see if you need to have completed this program. Some do.

I personally endorse the IBEP and
all it stands for. Whether you shoot a compound, a recurve, a crossbow or a
longbow you will learn how to do it safely, ethically and with a good amount of
satisfaction in promoting bowhunting in a positive light to the non hunting

Bow hunting and everything that it means to me and all the
history and glamour of the sport, from Fred Bear, to Ben Pearson and the great
shooters of the past we owe it to the game we pursue and the future of
bowhunting to be the safest we can be. This course does just that.

The founder of Saunders Archery,
Chuck Saunders once said and used as a marketing banner, that Bow hunting
Safety is up to ?ME, YOU, and US? He was right. Fred Bear in a one on one conversation
with me told me to? teach the youth and pass this sport on.? That I am trying
to fulfill every day and every way I can. So now I leave it up to you to take
the course, give the youth an example, take a kid hunting or fishing. If not
you,who? If not now,when? 

As we lose our hunting rights to
condos, trailer parks and the creeping of the big cities into the flora and
fauna of the country side do we have a say? I think we do. How? Well first of
all is to introduce the shooting sports into the youth and save them land to
enjoy and make sure they have the ethics and skills and safety to carry the
outdoor traditions to another generation.

So do you, me and the young a favor. Take the course, maybe
even become an instructor and support our state and other states. Wildlife
management program by participating in this all important program. For it is up
to ME, You, and US to participate in and take the course and pass it on.  I Give my thanks to Lamprey River Bowhunters
and all the clubs out there who participate and teach bowhunting safety through
the IBO. It is needed, wanted and the future of Archery not only in New Hampshire but in the
whole country..So now I leave it up to you,…….help us, or lose the sport.
Which do you choose?


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