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Brad Ozzie On Bow Anchor Sight

By Brad Ozzie

Jun 27, 2005, 15:56

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Brad Ozzie For Bow Anchor Sight.

Brad Ozzie is the owner of Ozzie’s Outdoors located in Decorah, Iowa. Brad is another Pro Shop owner that truly understands what is gained by shooting a Bow Anchor Sight. When asked what he thought was the number one reason he uses this new sighting technology he emphatically stated;

Brad Ozzie with Anchor Sight Trophy

“I can’t name just one thing. It’s changed my whole perspective on shooting because you can see what is happening with every shot. Having to list each advantage is like dissecting a butterfly. You can explain all the parts and why the parts makes the butterfly what it is, but somehow you lose something in that process”.

“When I have to compare the Bow Anchor Sight with a string peep-sight, I simply say this. The difference is night and day. It makes shooting simpler, faster and much more enjoyable in every respect. In fact I think comparing the Bow Anchor Sight to a string peep sight is not the way to approach informing the public of its advantages.”

“It really has nothing to do with a peep sight and you won’t understand that until you have shot the Bow Anchor Sight for maybe three days and used it in hunting situations. Most archers I know can group arrows consistently using a peep sight when shooting indoors, flat footed, easily repeating their form and they don’t see where changing to the Anchor Sight would make that big a difference. I would just say the people I know who have taken the leap won’t take the Anchor Sight off their bow and I’m one of them”.  Brad Ozzie

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