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Bow Anchor Sight Test

By Angela Hareldson Copeman

Apr 11, 2005, 14:37

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Angela?s tries the Bow Anchor Sight

Angela is a country girl who loves to spend time alone doing most anything as long as it is outdoors. She traps gophers, can skin a Coon and now she can hunt with a bow. It wasn?t always that way. Like most all of us who hunt with a bow the thought of wounding an animal leaves one wanting and even though she knows in her heart of hearts that it is no worse a death than nature will dispense in the end.

She stopped bow hunting after her first year. She had lost her confidence and felt unworthy of her desire to hunt with a bow. The following is her account and testimonial of what she experienced.

Angela Buck 1

?I started bow hunting in 2001. I practiced daily for two months prior to the season. The first two deer that came to me I missed.

Angela Buck 2

I had lost all my confidence and quit bow hunting for a year until I heard about the Bow Anchor Sight. After installing the Bow Anchor Sight, my groups became so tight that I was replacing nocks and re-fletching continuously!

I shot my first Robin Hood and with my confidence returned, I went into the 2003 season and bagged this great 11 point buck. Thanks to Archery Innovations for returning my confidence?.

Angela Hareldson Copeman
Fountain, MN.

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