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Anchor Bow Sight In Africa

By Frank Ferguson

Sep 23, 2005, 06:29

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Dear Lynn Asher

 I received your
Bow Anchor Sight over the week-end and sighted it in on the Mathews and must
comment on this sight. Not only was it not difficult to set up, but once
sighted in, I immediately started to enjoy the accuracy and realized my faults
(torque, etc). After shooting the Anchor Sight I noticed a remarkable
improvement on my groupings and also realized that I could shoot accurately
from any shooting position. A remarkable ability as far as I?m concerned for
any true bowhunter.

 I am not just
impressed with the Bow Anchor Sight, I am thrilled with it and can?t wait to
take it into the field hunting this coming week-end with it

 Thanks once


 Follow up email:

Frank & Son

Dear Lynn

 I am busy
introducing my son (the young man in the antelope photo) to bowhunting. He has
been exposed to rifle hunting from the age of 8 when he shot his first
springbuck with a 6 x 45 caliber rifle.

On the
week-end of the 22nd to the 24th of July 2005 we left on
a hunting trip together with your incredible sight on my bow. Plenty animals
where observed, Trophy impala, kudu?s, Red Hartebeest, warthogs and blue
wildebeest, etc? on the hunting reserve known as ?Molesele? (Bowhunting reserve
only) which is only 45 minute drive from Pretoria (South Africa).

 All the
other people of the group had harvested something with the bow excepting us by
Sunday the 24th of July 2005, something my son could not accept due
to the easy and acceptable method of rifle hunting; patience was hard for him
at this stage. It was decided that at 12H00 we will be picked-up and then
return to base and pack to leave for home.

Kudu came
in but did not offer us shooting opportunities and then left when a whole troop
of plus minus 50 impala came in. My son was very impatient at this stage so
much so he was in tears, because I was not prepared to shoot any animal, so as
to teach him the importance of patience and the correct choice and how to
determine the shootable animal out of the group.(All of this because of the
simplicity of Rifle hunting)

Frank with Antelope

At approximately
10H30 this young impala known to us in South Africa as a (Knypkop)
translated Pinch head due to the formation of the horns came in. It was a young
animal, but what impressed me was that this ram had a big body for such a young

I decided
to take the ram due to his body size and was impressed that its carcass weight
was 38 kg. As in practice, your Bow Anchor Sight performed as advertised and my
arrow made a perfect kill.

 Now my son
asks for a bow and the rifles seem to take a back seat at the moment. 
Thanks once

, South


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