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Close Vision Loss Affecting Your Bowhunting?

By Lynn Asher

Dec 21, 2005, 12:31

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There is a lot of frustration among those of us who
suddenly discover we need Reading Glasses? Now we have to carry glasses around
and if we forget them, just writing a check becomes a challenge. I have at
least 6 pair and still I find myself without when I really need them.

Going to
the grocery store and reading the prices is all but impossible and you are
looked at as really weird when someone sees you curling your forefinger and
holding it against your eye while using the other hand to get the can of beans
just the right distance from the tiny hole you had formed inside the curled
finger so you could read the price. This works by the way, like the pin hole in
the box you learned about in sixth grade, bending the light like a magnifying

I know many people who have had to use reading Glasses all
their lives. Maybe they are more adjusted to the problem and don’t feel the
frustration as much. I will bet a higher than normal percentage of those people
never took up the sport of Archery. Not because they never tried shooting a bow
but because looking through a fuzzy peep sight made it a dyslectic feat.

I recently received a letter from an archer who kinda made
my day. I have had similar comments about poor vision from appreciative archers
but this man was truly moved and I felt really good because I could relate to
the circumstance of possibly loosing the ability to shoot my bow. So I thought
I would pass what he said along to you, who may at sometime in your life
experience this loss…

Lynn Asher
Archery Innovations

“The archery anchor sight
has been a dream come true for me. I have been struggling for the past several
years with aging eyes and have lost several opportunities shooting nice bucks
because I could not see thru my peep sight. I knew I had to do something or
loose those early morning and late evening shots. I wear glasses or contacts
but when I go into the woods it seems the glasses or contacts appear foggy or blurred
and I do not see clearly with them on. I have trouble shooting with glasses or
contacts in as well. I installed this anchor sight on my bow and now I can
shoot right at daylight or dark without any problems at all. I recommend any
one with those types of problems to try this sight and you will be amazed how
well it works. I would like to thank Lynn Asher for this wonderful invention
and I hope this will help all of you with aging eyes the way it has helped me.
Sincerely yours, Bruce Hoover (Avid bow hunter for many years)”

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