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Anchor Management

By Keith Beam

Nov 16, 2005, 04:22

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Anchor Management
With the Bow Anchor Sight

By Keith Beam, Cofounder, Double Bull Archery


Keith with Turkey

I have to admit I was very skeptical when the Bow Anchor Sight was first installed on my bow. 
I have been a peep sight shooter ever since I first picked up a compound and
the thought of changing to this new sight had me a bit concerned.  Cory
Skalak, our plant manager here at Double Bull, told me he had used the Bow Anchor Sight for about six months and once he got
used to it he was really impressed with the results. 

Understanding change
may be good;
I decided to conduct my own test just to make sure.  I would
shoot 5 groups of 5 arrows each at 22 yards at a 1″ dot.  At this
distance I knew I would not hit the dot but I could measure each of the
five arrow groups.  The first groups were shot using a peep
sight.  The average mic’d size of these groups was 2.125″ per five
arrows. (This measurement was the circumference of the outside
perimeter of the group.)  Taking the peep sight out and with the Bow Anchor Sight installed I again fired 5 groups
with 5 arrows at the same 1? dot.  The average mic’d group was
1.385″.  The results speak for themselves.


The Bow Anchor Sight

In the field.

The first time I shot an animal with the Bow Anchor Sight was on the Campbell Outdoors Hog
Challenge.  I had to lean way out of my chair in a very awkward position
to make the shot.  As I came to full draw I glanced at the Bow Anchor Sight and noticed that I was squeezing the
life out of my bow and actually torqueing it sideways.  I relaxed my grip,
the circle on the Anchor Sight centered itself and I squeezed off the shot,
making a perfect hit on the hog. 

3 weeks later on a Texas
turkey hunt, the Bow Anchor Sight saved me
from torqueing my bow again.  After relaxing my grip, I put an arrow
exactly where I was aiming. One turkey down for the count thanks to the Bow
Anchor Sight.

My conclusion is this:

Shooting targets is always easy; shooting critters adds
new obstacles to the mix.  Knowing that when I am properly anchored with
the Bow Anchor Sight and the pin settles, my
shot will be right where I aim it.

Keith Beam – Proud shooter of the Anchor Sight.  “Anchor Management

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