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African Bowhunter Challenge

By Rean Steenkamp

May 10, 2005, 01:58

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Do you have what it takes?
Here?s your chance to prove it!

In an event that is certainly not for rookies and beginners, some of South Africa?s (and perhaps the world?s) most experienced bowhunters will showcase their hunting and bush skills in a challenging hunt during mid-July 2005.

Only eight bowhunters will be allowed to compete in the Africa’s Bowhunter Challenge, to be held from 11 to 17 July 2005.

Cost: R15 000 (approximately $2 500, depending on the exchange rate). Package includes equipment, two game animals, daily accommodation rates and catering. A video tape of the entire hunt will be also be provided to each hunter.

Venue: 8 000 ha game farm close to Schweizer-Reneke. (Alternatively, the event will be held on a farm in Thabazimbi, depending on negotiations).

Organisers: Zak and Louise Grobler of SAHU Safaris ? organisers of the successful African Challenge. The Africa’s Bowhunter Challenge will replace the African Challenge.
Host and co-organiser: Africa’s Bowhunter and Archer Magazine.

Sponsors: Blade Runner.

During the contest each competitor will hunt two animals. The first hunted animal is for meat and the second for a trophy. The hunt for meat is only symbolic, and the hunter must first prove his ability to hunt meat for survival before being permitted to hunt the trophy animal.

Points scored will depend on the time it takes the hunter to bag his game. More points are scored if the animals are stalked rather than shot from a tree stand, and more if shot from an open tree stand rather than a blind. Points will also be awarded according to the kind of animal hunted. For example, a kudu will be worth more points than a blue wildebeest. Naturally, the bigger the trophy, the more points will be scored. In the quest for the first animal highest points will be awarded for an impala or springbok. Next in line is a blesbuck followed by a warthog.

On the first day of the challenge, each hunter will receive:
? Competition and scoring rules
? A Blade Runner compound bow
? A Quick Tune 4000 arrow rest
? A Spot-Hog sight (Hog-Get)
? 6 arrows
? 6 Slick Trick broadheads
? A Camo Joe jacket, shirt and pants

Hunters will also be required to wear a small video camera attached to their hat or arm so that his movements can be viewed at the main centre.

They will also receive a map indicating the location of the various blinds. The hunters will sleep in camp on the first night and in the morning head off in the direction of a blind of their choosing. On reaching the blind a red flag must be raised to indicate that the blind has been claimed. It remains his for as long as he occupies it. Upon leaving, he lowers the red flag to indicate that the blind is open to other hunters.

At sunset, hunters may sleep in the blind or return to camp, where they can shower and enjoy the supper provided. They will have to leave on foot the following morning. Hunters who choose to remain in their occupied blinds will have to eat the food and drink provided at camp and packed into their hiking bags.

Hunters are required to bring their own GPS, hiking bag and sleeping bag. The downside of staying in the blinds is he will not be able to shower and he will probably sleep uncomfortable. The advantage is he will stand a chance to shoot an animal early in the morning from the blind, or he will have a head start on his way to the area he plans on ambushing or stalking his prey.

The winner will automatically qualify for next year?s competition to defend his title. Numerous other prizes will also be awarded.

If you think you have what it takes to compete in this challenge, please contact Africa?s Bowhunter and Archer Organisations wishing to sponsor the event are also invited to contact us.

May the best hunter win! 

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