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Straight Shot on the Left Coast

By Frank Addington Jr.

Jan 26, 2006, 11:32

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Howdy—hope your 2006 is off to a great start! 
Mine started with a fast pace—Jan 3rd I jumped on a plane and headed to the
West Coast to do some archery exhibitions at the Fred Hall
Happy Birthday to my wife Amanda this month and my
pal Sean Duffy in California.  Sean is on the Weatherby Foundation board and is
a great friend. Also — check out what Ted Nugent’s been up to lately!
Enjoy this first issue of Straight Shot for 2006.


Bow & Arrow Razzle Dazzle in San Francisco
at the
Cow Palace
The Fred Hall Fishing
Tackle, Boat & Travel Show
 on January 4 – 8th,

Frank getting ready to shoot

Bart Hall and company is a class act!   For over 60 years
the Hall family has been hosting sports shows in California.  In the 1940’s and
1950’s the great archer Howard Hill was featured at some of their events.  I was
the first archery act invited back to their show since that time and it was a
huge honor for me.
    The show is called the, “Fred Hall Fishing Tackle, Boat
and Travel Show” but don’t let the name fool you!   There’s something for
everyone at a Hall show!   Pacifica Archery is the local archery pro shop and
they had a small indoor range set up for kids to try archery. 
    Bart Hall and his staff took good care of me.  My trusty
assistant for the week was Eric McCully.   The show was held at the world famous
COW PALACE in San Francisco, California. 
    San Francisco knew we were there —of the five major TV
stations in San Francisco, my show was featured on three of the
networks in news stories
.   I hit a baby aspirin from mid air for
each news team, and also had the reporters shooting at the end of the stories. 
That’s a total of about 6 to 8 minutes or more airtime on the west coast!   One
of the stories was LIVE and two were taped.
    Eric & I did several exhibitions during the five day
event and we had a blast!  Before each show the crowd got to enjoy uncle Ted’s
(Nugent) ” Fred Bear” song.   On Friday night’s show the baby aspirin split down
the middle and went into pieces on the 3rd shot!
    All in all it was a great week and I met some great
folks.  THANKS Bart Hall & family!  Also thanks to Barry for arranging the
media interviews, Eric for being my trusty sidekick for the week, and
photographer Don Gale for taking some great publicity photos in front of the Cow
Nuge Takes a BITE out of the
Big Apple!
    While I was in San Francisco week before last I was happy
to see my friend Ted Nugent & his family doing major TV appearances in New
York City talking about bowhunting, the second amendment & conservation
“Nuge style.”  I think he was on NBC,  WB, Fox, CNN, MSNBC & CNBC plus some
radio & print interviews.
    I watched with pride as Ted, Shemane and Sasha appeared on
one popular cable news show.   The host even tasted some wild game Ted had for
him and the host commented on how good it was!    I was very proud of the way
each Nugent family member talked hunting on the show!  It was
    The next morning I caught Ted on CNN.  Again he did a
great job.   I think it is fair to say that with this one week of media that Ted
Nugent exposed more people to bowhunting than the rest of us will in a year! 
Think about that statement.  
    Who else among our ranks has this type of media
exposure?  I wish more people would give Ted the respect and credit he has
earned.  He may come across as a rock and roll motor city madman sometimes but
having known him 16 years I can attest to the fact that there is a method to his
madness!   He speaks in an intelligent and sharp witted manner that gets
people’s attention.  Plus young people love the guy.
    While he may not be Fred Bear, I think that papa Bear
would salute and applaud Nugent’s efforts to get our sport on to mainstream
America’s television sets.  
    I certainly want to THANK Ted Nugent for giving something
back to our sport.  I appreciate that. 
    He’s loud.  He’s proud.   I am proud to call him my
friend.  Rock on Uncle Ted! 
Visit for more information on
Ted Nugent.
    Well, that’s the latest.  Hope
that your new year is off to a good start!  Amanda and I enjoyed the holidays
and are looking forward to a more relaxed year.  I have limited my appearances
in 2006 and we are going to like this schedule much better!  Not to worry—I
have some great things going on and some big shows in February and
Visit our website at :
    Until next time, adios
& God Bless!
Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.

*Outdoor Photo by Don Gale
His website is located at:


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