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The Strader Show for Addington

By Frank Addington Jr.

Feb 28, 2006, 06:30

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Bow & Arrow Razzle Dazzle in Derby

    February 10th, 11th & 12th, 2006
the Louisville Convention Center was home to the Jim Strader Hunting &
Fishing expo.   I was happy Jim invited me to join in the fun and we brought
some bow and arrow razzle dazzle to town!

Ernie Akins, Jim Strader and Frank

    Moments before each show the packed
crowds got to hear Uncle Ted blast out from the speakers his song, “FRED
BEAR”.     He’d sent me a CD last year to play prior to my stage show.  It gets
the mood right…

    Ernie Akins from Kentucky Strut
Taxidermy was my trusty sidekick for the weekend.  We had a great time.  At
Friday night’s show the 4th or 5th arrow powdered a baby aspirin!  It was great
to see the crowd respond to that!  We followed that show up by another great
performance Saturday morning—another baby aspirin went into powder. 
    We did four shows during the weekend
and I think it’s safe to say that we had a full house at just about every show! 
Most of the time I could see folks standing around on the right side of the
    My bow fell off the stage Saturday
afternoon after the first show and hit the floor with a loud “thud”.  It had
fallen about 4 feet and hit the cement floor hard.  No one was around or on
stage when it fell, but everyone heard the loud noise.  Luckily I had a back up
bow close by and the show went on.
    I’d like to thank the folks from
Louisville for the warm welcome!  Also to my pal Ernie, and Jim Strader for all
he does to promote the outdoors and conservation in the state of
My wife Amanda joined me for
this event and I sure enjoy having her on the road with me!  
    For more info on Jim’s show please
and for more on Frank: Asprin Buster


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