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Frank Addington Jr. Razzle Dazzle Show

By Rich Walton

Dec 20, 2006, 13:29

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    Frank Addington, Jr.’s 2007  “Have Bow,  Will Travel”  Tour
Bow & Arrow Razzle Dazzle for your event!

 As 2006 winds down, Frank Addington, Jr. is gearing up for his 2007 “Have Bow, Will Travel” tour!  Addington will be coming to the stage at events across the United States again in 2007—from Long Beach, California to Florida and lots of places in between!

    Addington will have a busy first quarter and will also make an April appearance at the 2007 Pope & Young National Convention.  “We’re really excited about the Pope & Young show.  I’m looking forward to seeing MR James, Dr. Warren Strickland, and several other friends at this event.  I rarely get to do what I do for the archery industry so it will be a great chance for me to visit and for my friends to catch the show..” Addington stated.

    Frank Addington’s “Bow & Arrow Razzle Dazzle” is an archery exhibition that you have to see to believe.  He does multiple arrow shots, one arrow and two targets, and the grand finale is a baby aspirin shot from mid air, all behind the back!  Addington, 39, is a protege’ of the late Rev. Stacy Groscup.  Addington often refers to his method of instinctive shooting as the “Groscup method” in honor of his late friend.

Just one of the many places Frank has put on his Razzle, Dazzle Archery Show.

    He admits the late Fred Bear also had an impact on him.  Addington says,  “Fred showed me by example how to promote the sport 24/7 and get celebrities and high profile people involved.  I was honored recently when Dick Lattimer put a photo of Fred and & I in his latest book, “Hunt with Fred Bear.”  A lot of folks may not know it, but in the early days, Fred did a stage show too.”
   After 21 years on the road, Addington still enjoys hitting the stage.  Addington says, “I can take a few months off the road, chill out with my family, and when that bow hits my hand and we take the stage I’m ready to roll.  I enjoy what I do and plan to keep doing this as long as the crowds and media comes out to see us!”
  For more information on Addington’s show you can email him at : Addington is also available for limited speaking engagements for banquets, ceremonies and dinners.  Addington’s website is located at:

You can also find Frank’s column here at 

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