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Pop Hangs With Ted

By Frank Addington Jr

Jun 30, 2005, 08:26

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Pop Hangs out with Uncle Ted…

I have to admit that I have a lot of admiration
for my folks.  They’ve been married over 40 years, started me
in 1971 when I turned 4, and have both bagged their share of game with
a bow.  Besides that they’ve been great role models. 
they still do things that amaze me.

A good example is my father’s recent bowhunt for
bear in Canada.  It wasn’t the huge bear that Pop bagged that amazed
me—he’s taken a lot of trophy sized game in his day.  No, it was
his hunting partner on this trip that surprised me.

Country meets Rock … Over Bear

Rock and roll star/bowhunter Ted Nugent was in camp
for part of Pop’s recent hunt.   Prior to the hunt Pop was apprehensive
about the trip.  He wasn’t sure he’d have much in common for the outspoken
rocker.  He’d grown up in the mountains of West Virginia listening
to country music and had little patience for loud, rock and roll music.  

Pop is a quiet, soft spoken man that’s ran a retail archery
business for over 25 years. It was going to be an interesting week to
say the least.

Midway through the hunt my phone rang, it was Pop. 
“Ted Nugent is great.  I really like him.   He’s done more
for sportsmen in this country than anyone I know of… and last night he
played his guitar until 1 AM and boy can he make that guitar sing..” were
the words coming out of Pop’s mouth.   I was shocked.  It
seems that the mild mannered retailer and the rock and roll star had formed
a friendship during the hunt.    My father even admitted
that his eyes grew moist when Nuge played the song “Fred Bear” in camp.

I spoke to Ted from the lodge too and he seemed
to be having a great time.  Mom wasn’t able to hunt this year due
to a schedule conflict so when she found out Ted hadn’t harvested a bear
and his hunt was almost over, she urged Pop to urge the guide to send Ted
out to her stand.   Mom’s pretty particular about her stand and
has taken several trophies there.  I knew Ted must have touched my
folks to get an invite like that.

Ted extended the hunt one day and harvested his
bear that evening on mom’s stand.  “We must be family now..” the excited
rocker told my mom via telephone from the lodge.    Ted
was gracious enough to sign the arrow he used on his bear for my arrow

Like my father, I too had once misjudged Ted
Nugent. I made a quick decision that turned out to be way wrong.

Since first meeting him in 1990 I have learned more about Ted and have
seen him in action and can attest to the fact that he is the real deal. 

He is great for our sport and we should all be proud to have him on our
side.  Kid’s often come up to me at my exhibitions asking about my
friend, “Uncle Ted.”

Nugent is passionate about the sport of archery
and our hunting tradition.   He speaks out against the use of
drugs and promotes Fred Bear and archery in every rock and roll show he
does.  Most would be surprised to learn that he’s been shooting a bow on stage since the late 1960’s or early 70’s.

He promotes the sport of archery and bowhunting in front of millions each
year and he also is a loud advocate for our Second Amendment rights.  

Add to all of that the amount of time and energy he also donates for things
like his kid’s camp, benefits for our soldiers, and other causes and you’ll
is the key.

I was happy to hear that my folks and Ted are planning
to hunt together again next year in a different part of Canada.  I
also suspect Pop and I may do some late season hunting with Ted in South
Texas later this year.  I recently heard Pop say that the two men
that have most impressed him in our sport were Matt McPherson of Mathews
and Ted Nugent.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned here
is that maybe we should all keep an open mind and not misjudge folks and
that we should all strive to give something back to our sport.  Rather
than fight among ourselves over petty things like a bow’s breakover, traditional
tackle or modern equipment, we should focus on protecting and promoting
our great sport.

As my pal Uncle Ted might say, “Let’s rock doc…”

Thanks for reading folks.  Until next time, Adios & God Bless—

Shoot Straight,


Frank Addington Jr. 
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