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Ted Nugent

By Frank Addington Jr.

Mar 26, 2006, 06:03

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Political Tedness: One on one with the Motor City Madman


Frank and wife Amanda with Ted

Nugent.  The name alone stirs up emotions.  Most folks smile and say
that they’ve seen his show, love his music, or have been a fan a long
time.  Some people are unsure of Ted.  One thing for sure, they
don’t have to agree with him but they can’t ignore him. 

was proud to have served with Nuge on the national steering committee
for Sportsmen for Bush in the 2004 campaign.  I’ve known him since 1990 or
so and consider him a great friend.  

is a husband, father, role model, spokesman, patriot and a legendary rock and
roll star.  Here is an interview I did with him recently.  I wrote
the questions, emailed them to him, and the responses are in his own
words….  here’s Ted.


Ted on the YO Ranch

Q.)    What
drives you?
– the American Dream of being
the best that you can be, particularly in this culture war against our hunting
& gun rights. I crave good over evil, right over wrong & am compelled
to fight alongside all American warriors to bring the real America back to

Q.)    What’s
been your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?
My sons Toby & Rocco, & daughters Sasha &
Starr. Brilliant, kind, thoughtful, caring, giving, loving, funny, cocky, hard
working Americans all, solidly in the asset column of life.

Q.)    What
has been most difficult for you to accept in life thus far?
I refuse to accept or tolerate any abandonment of
logic when it comes to affecting my or other’s quality of life. Insanity like
gun control, Sunday hunting bans, minimum age hunting laws, dove hunting bans,
Mao Tse Tung like IRS corruption, government & court corruption, the
policies of rewarding pimps, whores & welfare brats & all other
mindless liberal antiAmerican buffoonery. It is all completely unacceptable.

Q.)    You’ve
been called the “Motor City Madman” and you are a huge rock and roll
star. Yet politically you are conservative and you often speak family
values. How do you think most of the rock and roll establishment views
I don’t have to guess at people’s
take on me as I have a wonderful open communication and relationship with a far
reaching cross section of Americans and people from around the world. Though
ignorant judgemental people make fools of themselves attacking me based on
ignorance, I experience mostly respectful dialog across the board from all but
the lunatic fringe.

Q.)    Tell
me about how you got started in archery.  What age, etc.
Wow! This one could take forever for I was baptized
by my father, Warren Nugent into the wonderful world of the Mystical Flight of
the Arrow way back in 1952 at the tender age of 3 and have progressively gotten
more intense about it every year since. I still crave archery & bowhunting
as a powerful positive force in my quality of life.

Q.)    You
& Papa Bear became close before his passing.  Tell us about how you
feel about this great man.
I was
fortunate to be born in 1948 in Michigan
and my father, Warren Nugent had already been effected by the great Fred Bear.
On our annual opening day family bowhunting trips north we would
often stop and visit with Fred at his ever growing Bear Archery shop. Over
the years, my admiration and respect increased and I was lucky to become close
friends with Fred and Henrietta. I shared his last earthly campfire on his last
hunt in October of 1987. Shortly after his death in 1988, what has
become a widespread American hunter’s themesong erupted in me, and but one
listening to the song FRED BEAR clearly defines how I and so many others feel
about this great visionary conservationist. I feel his powerful and
enlightening presence constantly.

Q.)    Do
you ever get emotional when you play “FRED BEAR” and see thousands of
young fans singing along?!?  Wonder what Papa Bear would think?!?
I’ve performed that song at over a thousand concerts
for millions of people since 1989 and the emotions are overwhelming everytime.
It is always one of my most difficult moments in life doing all I can to
pay tribute to the great man without losing it. I am sure Fred would be proud how
I have promoted his vision and hunting dreams to billions of people through
this powerful piece of music.

Q.)    What
are a few of your favorite hunting trips and why?
I truly cherish every outing with family and friends
and being so lucky to hunt every day of every season loads up my happy memory
bank beyond the overflow I assure you. Being with my amazing wife Shemane, sons
Toby and Rocco and daughters Sasha and Starr and my grandchildren makes
every moment afield deeply spiritual and gratifying. Add to that monstrous
level of joy the fact that many families have asked that I take their
terminally ill children on their last hunts puts it into a realm of emotion and
fulfillment the likes of which I otherwise could have never imagined. It never
really matters “where”, but always with “whom”.

Q.)    Your
favorite trophy?
– My favorite trophies
are every head of game my children and wife have killed because the overall
experience is so deeply gratifying.


Proud Papa with son Rocco

Q.)    My
father bowhunted with you last year in Canada.  He was skeptical
prior to the hunt and came away a Ted fan.  It takes a lot to impress my
dad.  A few weeks after the hunt he was at our home and heard a DVD I was
playing and you played the first few lines of cat scratch fever and he knew the
song!  I was blown away.  Perhaps if more people were exposed to the
real Ted they’d know your heart is for what is best for our sport.  Say
someone reading this interview is skeptical.  What should they know about
your intentions for bowhunting?
only way a person could be skeptical of me is if they have had their head
buried in the sand all their lives or they are just plain goofy enough to
listen to petty rumors. I have dedicated my life to properly and effectively
promote hunting, conservation and gun rights in the major media of the world
since way back in the 1960’s. That anyone could be unaware of my amazing Ted
Nugent Kamp for Kids or the enormous list of awards I have received for
conservation, youth, law enforcement and military benefits, all in the name of
hunting and 2nd Amendment rights on every imaginable media there is, represents
a souless disconnect to the world around them. Particularly during this insane
culture war against all that is good, hunting and gun rights being the tip of
the spear, such apathy and intentional disconnect is an indictment to the
desouling of America.
I have nothing to say to my critics or those who are skeptical of me as I am
much too busy doing good anyway. I only pray that such disconnect is being
condemned for the embarrassing counterproductive negative that it is and that
as soon as possible, these people rediscover what an experiment in “self
government” is supposed to be.

Q.)    You
are in a blind and see an animal you plan to harvest. Walk us through what
happens next as you prepare for the shot…
First of all, I don’t harvest animals, I kill them. And in order to
follow God’s tooth, fang and claw orders as a conscientious, reasoning
predator, 99% of my hunting responsibilities have already taken place elevating
my overall predator level of awareness by disciplining myself to be
the best that I can be. I become one with the beast, one with the spirit,
one with my bow and arrow and one with the wind. That mindset connects me with
the soul of the good mother earth and her magnificent beasts so that I read her
pulse to know the moment of truth. Killing game at spitting distance with a
sharp stick is serious business. Gargantuan fun, yet serious nonetheless. I say
a Prayer for the Wildthings and follow God’s rules.

Please finish this line… “Today’s sportsmen/women all need
– “be members of the NRA and
their state hunting organizations at the very least. We all need to be as
active as we possibly can be with our elected officials, the media, schools,
church groups, youth groups and society in general always standing up for and
promoting hunting rights and 2nd Amendment rights upgrades. Every state in America
drastically needs improved, more logical user friendly regulations, or better
stated, de-regulation.

Q.)    How
many people see you annually between your shows, your interviews and your
Recently in a single week, I
articulated the good hunting and gun message to more than 1 billion people
worldwide. Cooking wild game on Letterman, Conan, promoting turkey hunting on
Howard Stern, Bob and Tom, Rush Limbaugh, Larry King, the BBC, live simulcast
concerts around the world and more print and electronic media we could
possibly list here, I fight hard to show the world how perfect hunting,
fishing, trapping and self defense are. On an average, I impact millions weekly
with a sincere, fact drenched message for the good guys.


The heart of a hunter and patriot, rockin on stage

Q.)   How
did your VH-1 show rate?  What about your current reality
show—how’s it doing?
was #1 on VH1 and CMT, while Wanted Ted Or Alive remains #1 on OLN. TED NUGENT
SPIRIT OF THE WILD has the most viewers on The Outdoor Channel as well.

Q.)    Any
political plans?-To be as active
“we the people” American as I can possibly be. I may run for governor
of MI in 2010.

Well my friend, since 1990 I have
watched you in action.  You are the real deal.  I am proud to
call you a friend and I hope that you will continue to do what you do for
all of us.  You have however inspired me to speak up a little more on
controversial issues and last year at a show someone called me a
“right wing bow marksmen.”  That is your fault Ted—you
inspired me to speak out.  Thank you.

 Frank Addington, Jr.
“The Aspirin Buster”



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2005 by Bowhunting.net

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