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Frank Addington

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Straight Shot – July 2006

By Frank Addington Jr.

Jul 13, 2006, 07:00

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2007 Shapes up to be a busy year!
    It looks like we’ll be hitting the road strong again
in 2007—with shows from the East coast to the West coast & lots
of places in between.    
    I am honored to have been asked to appear at the
2007 Pope & Young National Convention next April.   I
look forward to this event and seeing lots of old friends.
    If you’d like to spice up your event in 07 with some
bow & arrow razzle dazzle please let me know!  Have bow, will
travel. ()

Terrible photo but Toby Keith shines through.

 National Bowhunter Magazine features Toby Keith story
    The current issue of National Bowhunter magazine
features a story and photo of the private program we did for country
singer Toby Keith.  
    This was a cool gig and really wasn’t work! 
The story also features a great photo of David “Milo” Milam and I
backstage of the show.  Milo is the road manager for this highly
successful artist.
    21 years ago I’d never have dreamed we’d do a
private archery show for a country star.  I remember doing a
Possum Festival back then and thought that was big time.  I do
remember declining lunch at that event!
    Happy Belated Birthday Milo!  Be sure and catch Toby’s show folks–it’s a great time!  

Archery collection continues to expand

    My friend MR James recently mailed a signed arrow to
be added to my who’s who collection.  MR was the founder of
Bowhunter magazine and also a great writer.  I first met MR some
20 years ago at a West Virginia Bowhunter’s Association event with
Stacy Groscup.  Soon there will be an interview with MR in my
celebrity interview column on
    Speaking of the late Rev. Stacy Groscup, I’m honored
to have the arrow he used to set his world record with by hitting the
7th aspirin in a row with in the 1980’s.  He signed it.  He
gave me the arrow here at our home and now that he has passed away it
is a priceless keepsake of my friend & mentor.

Frank with the late Rev. Stacey Groscup.

    Also, my amigo Sean Duffy in California recently
sent a great bow, bear archery quiver & other archery keepsakes he
picked up at a yard sale in California.  The leather BEAR quiver
is in great shape and is very old.  Sean and I serve together on
an EXPO committee for the Weatherby Foundation.  THANKS SEAN!

Happy couple at baby shower.

 Baby Addington
    Amanda and I are anxious for the birth of our first
child, a baby boy that’s due in August.  She’s done his nursery in
a safari theme. We are naming him Franklin Augustus, AKA “Gus.”
    I have plans for an archery range here at home so
that in a few years I can get him started in the great sport of
archery.  I started at age 4…
        I look forward to someday
when Gus can join me on stage and show off his version of “bow &
arrow razzle dazzle.”  I hope he gets my eyesight and his mother’s

Buckle waiting for young cowboy Gus.

    My friend Patty Brand at Gist Silversmiths has
already built Mr. Gus his first western buckle, and we have a few pair
of baby boots for him.   I have even found many of the great
John Wayne movies on DVD for him to enjoy someday.   Guess
I’m a little excited about this little fella!
    My beautiful wife Amanda is doing great and we have
enjoyed my time off the road this summer.  My hunting buddy &
“sky pilot” Rev. Frank Frye has agreed to conduct Gus’ dedication
ceremony once he arrives.  There’s a lot of folks anxious to meet
the little fella!
    Thanks to country singers Red Steagall and George Strait who signed and sent photos for Gus’ room.


    Well, mom & pop both had a successful hunt to
celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary!   Pop harvested a
huge bruin last week and mom took her usual “Thursday evening bear”, a
nice bear that should score well.  I will have photos of her bear
for the next newsletter.  
    My folks have spent almost every June in Canada
since I can remember.   This marked their 44th wedding
anniversary.   If my count is right this is her 19th bear
with a bow.
    The two started dating when she was 13 and he was
15, and have been side by side for better and worse since that
time!  In the family archery store a bow hangs on the wall that
she ordered for him from a JC Penny catalog while they were
teens.   Later when they got married she decided that she’d
have to join him on hunting trips if she wanted to see him in the
    A little known fact is that she actually bagged a
deer with her recurve bow before he did!  Then they had me and by
age 4  I was in on the action & following them around in the
woods.  Whoever took me in those early years didn’t see much game.
    They were hunting with guide Danny Dyer in New
Brunswick, Canada.  They’ve hunted with Danny since 1997. 
Call (304)755-2085 to talk with Pop about the trip.  You can also
see a photo of Pop’s bear and read the story on


    Recently I received a phone call from Jessie
Mullins, editor of American Cowboy magazine.   Seems he was
doing a profile on our friend Shorty of Shorty’s Caboy Hattery in
Oklahoma City, Ok.  Shorty is best known for her great custom made
cowboy hats and her warm personality.  
    Amanda bought me one several years ago that I’ve
worn for every occasion– from a bowhunt on the King Ranch to meeting
President George W. Bush.   I have since added a couple
Shorty hats but that original remains my favorite.
    Anyway, Mr. Mullins quoted the story about the
President and ran a photo of President Bush and I in the story. 
If you pick up the July/August issue of the magazine you can read about
my friend Shorty.   Her website is located at:
That’s the latest…
    Well folks, that’s the latest.  Hope you are
having a great summer.  We’ll be headed to shows in New Jersey and
a few other places coming up.  
    Amanda and I are enjoying the July 4th
holiday.  We had family over last night for some BBQ and I plan to
kick back and watch some cowboy movies later today.  What’s more
4th of July than a good John Wayne movie?!?
    Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr. 

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2004, 2005, 2006 by

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