Straight Shot – Aug 2006
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Frank Addington

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Straight Shot – Aug 2006

By Frank Addington Jr.

Aug 16, 2006, 09:00

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Outdoor Expos:  For the Future….
thought I’d turn today’s column over to my friend Dave Lockman from the
Weatherby Foundation International so that he could explain the Outdoor
Expo concept to you.  It is my hope that you will get behind this
program in your home state and support these events!  
Here’s Dave…

OUTDOOR EXPOS AND Weatherby Foundation International
By Dave Lockman

Foundation International was established in 1988 in memory of Roy E.
Weatherby, founder of Weatherby, Inc.  Its mission is to educate
the non-hunting public on the beneficial role of ethical sport hunting
and its contribution to wildlife conservation ? ?Conserve Wildlife and
Preserve Hunting?.  

The Foundation has chosen to make a
significant difference with two major contributions
Internationally:  1) through annual recognition of an
International hunter through presentation of the prestigious ?Weatherby
Hunting and Conservation Award?,and, 2) the promotion and support of
Outdoor Exposition Education Events, which give thousands of kids and
families in America the opportunity to learn outdoor skills, begin a
pathway of participation in hunting and fishing, and to learn about the
role of hunting and the hunter in wildlife conservation.  

Outdoor Expo events are large regional or statewide education events,
free-of-charge, to the public.  These are not commercial or
fund-raising events. They are ?hands-on? events with shooting sports,
hunting skills, fishing skills, other related outdoor skills, and
wildlife conservation an important part of the venue.  These
events are conducted with volunteers from a cross-section of the
hunting and fishing community.  The Foundation provides grants and
planning assistance to state wildlife agencies that use the Outdoor
Expo as a way of reaching thousands of people in ?grass-roots America?
each year.   Since 1998, when the Foundation launched its
North American Outdoor Expo Campaign they have provided $405,000 in
grants and planning assistance to 18 states.  In 2006 and 2007
there are 16 states scheduled to host one or more Outdoor Expo events
that will reach over 200,000 participants.

Frank Addington, the
?Aspirin Buster? attends and performs each year at Outdoor Expo events
around the country.  At each event he effectively presents the
message, during his performance, about how hunting and archery are
important to the family, and the important role hunting and hunters
have in conservation.    

To learn how you can
support an existing Outdoor Expo, promote one in your state, and become
a partner and support the Weatherby Foundation?s Outdoor Expo program
visit the Weatherby Foundation International?s website and Expo
Campaign pages at, or contact Dave
Lockman, WFI Outdoor Expo Project Leader at .

Dave– great job!
   Expos offer a great way to pass on our
outdoor heritage to future generations!  THANKS to all of those
who’s efforts are making a difference and helping to preserve, protect
and promote the shooting, hunting and fishing sports!

I’ll be
doing archery exhibitions at the upcoming Wyoming Hunting & Fishing
Heritage Expo in Casper, Wyoming.  Hope to see you there!

Until next time, adios & God Bless!

Shoot Straight,

Frank Addington, Jr.


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