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Straight Shot – March 2006

By Frank Addington Jr.

Apr 15, 2006, 05:00

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It’s a

    My wife Amanda and I recently found out
she will be having a BABY BOY!   We are expecting his arrival in late August!  
This is our first child and we are doing his room in a safari theme. 
    The latest ultra sound photos shows the
little fella sucking his thumb and kicking his feet!   This is a very exciting
time at our place and I have limited my travel schedule most of the rest of
2006.  (We’ll be doing a few select shows..)
    Thanks for all your thoughts &
prayers.   I’ll keep you posted as August gets closer…
The Iowa Deer
    Greg Huffman and his family produce a
first class event in Des Moines, Iowa!  The Iowa Deer Classic is fast becoming
legendary for the quality of the show, size of the deer on display, and for the
speakers they bring in.
    I was on hand March 3-5, 2006 to provide
some bow and arrow razzle dazzle.  As usually happens I met a lot of new
friends, including the famous artist P. Buckley Moss on the plane ride into Des
Moines, and on Friday night Senator Jeff Lambertti attended my show.  He’s
running for Congress in Iowa.
    I also enjoyed visiting with Larry
Weishuhn, especially when I found out he & I share some friends down in
South Texas.  I also talked to Realtree Roadtrip’s Michael Waddel.  Both these
fellas impressed me and I was happy to visit with them.
    For more information on the Iowa Deer
Classic visit:
    For more information on my new friend
artist P. Buckley Moss and to see a photo of she & I, visit:
    The Iowa Deer Classic is a great event! 
Thanks for having me!
Toby Keith: Doing some bow
& arrow razzle dazzle for country music’s Big Dawg….

Toby & Frank & one nervous photographer


Frank with Road Manager Dave ‘Milo’ Milam

    Thanks to my friends Tony Dukes and Dave
“Milo” Milam, Saturday March 11, 2006 my assistant Sam and I traveled to
Columbia, SC to do a private archery show for country singer Toby Keith and some
of his crew.
    This was one of those cool gigs that you
just enjoy doing.  I had a great time.  Milo feed us well, and we ate with the
gang and trust me Toby & crew eat well on the road.  They have their own
caterer that goes venue to venue with them. 
    After dinner we set up the archery show
backstage and did a little bow & arrow razzle dazzle for TK and crew.   He
stood about four feet behind me as I did the show.  After the show I presented
Toby with a custom bow the folks at Sky archery (Mathews) had built for him. 
    After the archery show Sam & I
enjoyed the concert.   If you haven’t caught the “Big Throwdown II” Tour yet it
is a great show!  After the show I met country singer Joe Nichols. a nice
fella.  Sam and I watched most of the show behind Jason, TK’s security man and
an all around great guy.
    Special thanks to Tony and Milo for
helping put this gig together.    For more information on Toby visit his website
Bow & Arrow Razzle Dazzle
at the Del Mar fairgrounds–the 2006 Fred Hall Fishing Tackle and Boat
    On March 15th-19th I was back on the
west coast at the Del Mar fairgrounds, home of the famed Del Mar horse racing
track, “where the turf meets the surf..”
    Now what is an archer doing at a huge
boat and tackle show?!?   Drawing media attention and entertaining large
crowds!!!   It was great.
    We did some great media for this
event—including hitting a baby aspirin second shot on LIVE TV for a local
sports reporter/celebrity Rod Luck.   Later that day my assistant Eric and I
followed that performance up by hitting a LIFESAVER and a baby aspirin the
second shot each!!!  
    Also, I had the privilege of being
interviewed by a famous outdoor writer there in San Diego named Ed Zieralski
with the San Diego Tribune.  He wrote one of the finest articles on my show in
my 21 year career, to read it visit:
    I want to thank the Bart Hall family
& staff for treating me so well.  They run a first class operation and have
been doing shows on the west coast for 60 years.  The great Howard Hill was the
last archer to do their show so it was an honor for me to be there.  I consider
these folks first class and I hope to work with them again at a future venue. 
Eric did a super job as my assistant that week–thanks Eric!   For more
information on the Fred Hall shows, visit:
    While at this show I caught the upper
respiratory bug that was going around and boy was it a tough last few days in
California!  It took about two weeks and two different doses of antibiotics to
get over it.  Luckily I’ve been able to rest and get better the past two weeks. 
I am proud to say however that the show went on and I didn’t miss a performance
while in California!
Uncle Ted unleashed…
    Whether or not you are a Tedfan, check
out the interview I did with the Motor City Madman recently.  The interview
appears on his website and as well.
    You can visit Ted’s site to read the
article at:
    Also, you can visit
    Well folks,  March was a busy month! 
Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy Spring at home with my bride Amanda.   Drop
us a line, we’d love to hear from you.  I’ll be at home more the next few
months—maybe I can finally put the finishing touches on my first book on
Instinctive Shooting!
    Until next time, Adios & God
Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr.


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