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Frank Addington

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Straight Shot – Ted Nugent

By Frank Addington Jr.

Mar 23, 2005, 14:22

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Louisville’s Freedom Hall was packed Friday, March 11th as Ted Nugent and country singer Toby Keith brought their patriotic road show to Kentucky. Amanda and I took the weekend off the road from doing archery shows and celebrated my birthday by going out of town to the show. It was great to spend the weekend off stage and with my wife!

Frank, Ted & Amanda

Uncle Ted provided back stage passes and tickets so we went to see him and catch the show. This was Amanda’s first rock and roll concert.

Hanging out backstage with Uncle Ted is pretty laid back. He offered us his drink of choice, some Vernor’s Ginger Ale. It was pretty cool to sit and watch him & Toby Keith’s guitar player as Ted played some new songs he was working on.

I brought him a copy of a note Fred Bear had written for me in 1985, a quote Fred had ended with the words, “It is not required that a great man be without fault..” Mom also sent Ted a handpainted wildlife scene she had made.

Ted Nugent’s stage show is pretty awesome. It looks like a military base and as the lights dim Nugent comes bounding on stage with an American flag. He then begins his lecture on Political Tedness (forget political correctness) and the crowd goes wild. It’s great to see someone in his shoes talk about the Second Amendment, going hunting, camping and fishing.

He is still the Motor City Madman and can crank out the notes from his electric guitar. Loud, high energy and spontaneous action are the orders of the day as he cranks out his rock and roll music for the crowd. He played several of his hits and then came the song I had waited to hear, “Fred Bear”.

Picture thousands of people, young and old alike, hearing about our greatest bowhunter from a rock and roll star. He also shows vintage clips of Fred as he sings, including the famous film clip of Fred behind the rock harvesting that huge Kodiak bear. It was a fitting tribute to a great man.

I saw 18 year olds singing along with Ted and that was pretty moving. Who else could reach these young people from our industry? The end of the song features Fred’s voice, which made my eyes moist when I heard those words. I appreciate Ted for honoring Fred and keeping the legend alive for an entire new generation.

Then comes the part of the concert where Ted uses a red, white and blue Renegade bow to hit a target of Saddam Hussein. This brings down the house. The crowd loves it! Nugent’s been using a bow and arrow on stage for over 25 years.

After he left the stage Amanda and I went backstage to see him and have some photos taken. Although I had talked to him on the phone it was the first time I’d seen Uncle Ted for over a year. It was good to see him again and see that he is doing what he loves, playing rock and roll and shooting his bow. I appreciate him getting the tickets for us and having us visit backstage.

My advice is to watch Uncle Ted the next time you see him on TV. He’s intelligent, full of high energy and his heart is in the right place. He respects law enforcement, speaks out against drug and alcohol use, and promotes Fred Bear and bowhunting where ever he goes.

He is my friend.

Thanks for doing what you do Uncle Ted. Visit his website at:

That’s the latest. Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,
Frank Addington, Jr. 

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