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Do you remember the potential world record nontypical whitetail buck from Iowa which was featured on Hunter's Specialties PrimeTime Bucks 6 video? Or the one featured in the North American Whitetail Magazine? It is the one and the same. The buck lives on private ground, is a totally wild, free ranging deer which is being pursued by a number of hunters who have serious intentions of being the one to bring down this potential world record deer.

Well, this monstrous nontypical buck was killed during the recent muzzleloader hunt in Iowa and it is as big as most have believed he would be. The hunter, fifteen-year-old Tony Lovstuen of Albia, Iowa was participating in the Iowa Youth Muzzleloader hunt on Sept. 29, when he and his Dad, Doug outside Monroe City when he downed the spectacular deer.

The deer has been scored by an official Boone & Crockett scorer and, of course, it is a "green score" which may change when officially scored after the mandatory 60 day drying time but the initial score was 322 4/8. If panel scored by the Boone & Crockett Club at that score, the Lovstuen buck would stand as the largest deer ever killed by a hunter, a new World Record for Muzzleloader and attain the #3 spot in the all time standings of the largest deer ever recorded. The first place deer is the Missouri Monarch which has a score of 333 7/8 and was found by the side of the road in St. Louis County in 1982. The number two buck is the famous "Hole in the Horn" buck which was discovered and brought to the whitetail world by Dick Idol. It was proclaimed as a world record after the initial scoring but when panel scored, the score was lowered somewhat and it became the #2 deer with a score of 328 B&C. This incredible deer was also found dead beside a railroad track many decades ago.

No doubt, Tony Lovstuen's name will be forever etched into the whitetail archives as having killed one of the most famous and highest scoring bucks of all times. He has become a celebrity overnight and at this time he and his family are not talking much. It was reported in an article by Ken Duke of Gainsville, Ga, who is the editor of Game & Fish magazine, that Tony and his family were in negotiations with Gordon Whittington, Editor of North American Whitetail magazine. If that proves to be the case, you will be seeing lots of photos and articles on this incredible deer in the North American Whitetail Magazine in the near future as well as on the new North American Whitetail television program. I'll keep you posted!!!

Photo courtesy of Hunter's Specialties

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