Whitetail Scouting Logs From Bowhunting.Net - 2000
The Digital Log Of A Deer Scouting - by Robert Hoague
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Deer Season 2000: (Scouting)

(July) A Rare and Wonderful Treat
Ever get that feeling that something is watching you? While I was looking around for deer and sign this morning I got that feeling, big time. I slowly checked around me and saw a familiar figure about 15 yards away, watching my every move. I raised my digital camera up and snapped this picture.

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The fawn watched me for awhile and surprisingly lost interest in me. It moved around a bit and browsed on some green sprigs. I zoomed in close.

Then it stopped and peed. As I took its pic it looked back in my direction.
Before long the fawn walked out of my view.
I circled around  some trees to see if I could intercept the fawn. Then I sat down so I could see up under the low branches and looked carefully around me. I spotted the fawn browsing. I thought, "What great luck," and lined the deer up in the viewfinder and took another pic.

Something very cool happened just then ...

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How Do You Identify An Active Rutting Area? You and I are checking a realCore Rutting Area that is being used right now, this November of 1999. Here are digital pics to show you what the hottest kind of Rutting area looks like.
Part 1: The Area
Part 2: The Sure Fire Rut Sign
Part 3: The Rut Heats Up
Part 4: Setting Up to Hunt

The Rut Heats Up, What's That Look Like? Let's go into a Core Rutting Area. Plus, digital pics that show what this happening Rutting area looks like.

1999 Bowhunts

August 18: I went on a Deer Spotlight Survey with our area's Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist and, believe me, the deer population is not just a wild guess. Deer Spotlight Survey.

August 10: Making sense of the Rolled Wire area with a Terraserver map. It's a deer hotspot, but why? The satellite map (it is free) tells all. Scouting With Your Map. Here are the other recent updates:
  1. Scouting the Rolled Wire
  2. Setting Up To Bowhunt at the Rolled Wire & the 3rd Fence
  3. Get A Map of your hunting place 

  4. Scouting With Your Map (we scout the Rolled Wire)

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