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Whitetail University Outdoor Writer Camp
by Robert Hoague

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Wade Nolan's Writers Camp And Whitetail Bowhunt!

Bob Humphrey - One Of Everything!

"I had been watching the buck from my ground blind for nearly 20 minutes, and it offered several good shots. Unfortunately, my guide had yet to give me the green light, indicating it was a shooter. When he finally did I got ready. The buck, however, had other ideas.

For another fifteen minutes it stood tantalizingly close, but always facing straight on, or quartering to. Then, a smaller buck sauntered by, attracting the larger buckís ire. He made a quick charge at the smaller deer, and in so doing, finally gave me a chance. I wasted little time, centering on the buckís chest and sending an arrow on its way.

The shot looked, and felt good and the buck bolted into a nearby copse of mesquite. After the customary 30-minute wait, we easily followed the scarlet trail to my trophy.

Bob Humphrey and his Bar None Buck.

The following morning, javelina were on the menu. Shortly after arriving at my ground blind, a nice boar approached. Screened by a patch of brush, I was able to come to full draw. The J-pig stopped in my shooting lane, but appeared ready to bolt. I took a quick shot, but in my haste hit a little back. Fortunately, the Grim Reaper broadhead made up for my error, and we had no trouble finding the animal. 

The final evening of the hunt, Jay Liechty and I set up for hogs. The sun had dropped below the trees and light was fading fast when a small band burst from the brush and began milling in front of us. I picked the closest one, a fat sow at 32 yards, and sent another death messenger on its way. 

The hog made a 30-yard dash and piled up, capping off an awesome hunt."

Bob Humphrey is freelance writer from Pownal, Maine, website editor for NRA and a frequent contributor to magazines like Bowhunting World, Inside Archery and Petersenís Bowhunting. His passion for deer and turkey hunting has taken him all over North America. 

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