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 At The Hornbuckle Ranch, Douglas, WY

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ONLINE BOWHUNT: Antelope In Wyoming (Set Up Day)
(8:32pm. Thurs -- Set Up Day)
We arrived at Hornbuckle Ranch mid afternoon. Ande Rushing and I went to my honey hole to check it out. This year it has been very dry up here. The dam with a pond I hunted before is dry. The main spring has water but -not as much as usual. We set Ande up to hunt there. The spring I hunted the last trip was totally dry. Last trip I found others so I checked them and three had water. I picked the one that had the most tracks in the water. As you can see this is not a lot of water, but it is fresh spring water and antelope love it. I set up my new Double Bull blind 15 yards from the water. Ande and I are ready for the first day of the hunt.
The other guys went with Scot Hornbuckle and he showed them the ranch's 17 blinds. They returned a few minutes ago and right now they are discussing what blinds each man will hunt tomorrow.

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