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At The Hornbuckle Ranch, Douglas, WY
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ONLINE BOWHUNT: Antelope In Wyoming
At The Hornbuckle Ranch near Douglas, Wyoming 
In 1982 a group of us went to the Hornbuckle Ranch to bowhunt antelope. We were one of the first groups of bowhunters to hunt it. None of us had bowhunted them before and everyone had a ball. I shot a big mature buck from a ground blind and a doe from a treestand that I put up in the trees along the river that runs behind the ranch's main headquarters. In those days the ranch had primative camping and I'll never forget the morning that JimboTX, Donald Duck and Fred Lutger and I woke up to 17-degrees and lots of snow. It was September and back home in Texas it was still hitting near 100!

Kirk Hornbuckle liked the bowhunters and purchased trailors from a pipeline company and the next time we came we found a fully equipped kitchen, a large dining room, showers and bathroom facilities for several, and rooms (beds, AC, heater, closet, table) for everyone. I've got to tell ya we have had some excellent times in that dining room, eating, going over the days events, and making new friends.

Kirk's son Scot Hornbuckle  was a youngster when we came in the late 80's and 90's and he was really interested in all the new people that came during antelope season. Scot was a talker and we enjoyed his company. This year Scot is 22 and was the hunt honcho, and a good one.

The antelope hunt at Hornbuckle Ranch is on 40,000 acres of mile high prairie land. There's lots of prairie grass and sage brush, and you can see a long way, just what antelope like. Kirk has 17 blinds and keeps the groups small, around 6 or 8, so every hunter has a choice of hunting areas. Most of the blinds are around water sources, windmills, springs and small ponds.

This is a working sheep ranch and it's prime antelope habitat. Getting drawn for non-residents has never been a problem here in area 26 and over the counter tags are usually available. Hornbuckle takes a limited number of Mule deer bowhunters and there is a separate 100,000 acre wooded area where Elk hunts are available. 

For information on hunts on Hornbuckle Ranch:
Kirk Hornbuckle
Phone:  307-358-4807

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