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At The Hornbuckle Ranch, Douglas, WY
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ONLINE BOWHUNT: Antelope In Wyoming
Sept 12, 2000 - Day #5
(11:38am) Ande just radioed me and all the antelope are on the hill where I originally put my blind. They've been feeding and resting all morning. As you know there is spring water on that hill, so they might be there for hours. Three mule deer does visited me about 10:00 and drank from the small water hole on my left. 

And a solo mulie doe came by a few minutes ago. 
(5:17pm) I saw two antelope silhouettes coming into view on the hill in font of my blind. I glassed them ... two does. They waited at the top a few minutes and then walked right down and drank water from the pool on my right. I moved the camera tripod close to the mesh window and took a picture of the 2nd one.
They walked slowly away, stopping frequently to browse

Half an hour later two more does came over the same hill and walked down. When the were roughly 45 yards away they went on alert and looked toward the windmill area a couple hundred yards away. A wide pronged buck with heart shaped horns was charging past the windmill towards us. Good news ... and bad news. Good news it was a mature buck, bad news that there is a fence between the windmill and us antelope and bowhunters. It's bad news because antelope almost never jump a fence. So the buck went wild, running up and down the fence and making the clicking sound they make. The does were unimpressed, they watered and left. Here's their pic through the mesh window, seconds before the buck showed up. 

Several more does came to drink. Another buck worked a group of does a couple hundred yards off. 

This afternoon Ande drove to a blind we call the Pit Blind and hunted it. He saw a huge buck working the area and a few does came to the water. The Pit Blind doesn't have a roof and the hot sun baked him. At twilight he picked me up and we set up a Double Bull blind inside the Pit. Tomorrow is day #6, two more days to go.

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