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Fred Lutger
Make a Wild Turkey Tail Fan Mount - in one afternoon
by Fred Lutger

The trophies on a gobbler are the tail, the spurs and the beard. You can make an attractive mount for them yourself, it's easy and you can do it in one afternoon.

You will need the following: 2 tubes of  5-minute 2-stage epoxy, one box of 20 Mule Team Borax, a sharp knife, one roll of Duct tape (duct tape does not stick to turkey feathers), and a flat surface to work on.

Tail Fan:
Grab the turkey's tail where it joins the body. Feel for the round knob that is the meat portion that holds the tail feathers. Grip the knob firmly and cut off the tail feathers close to the body. 

1. Lay the tail on a flat surface and scrape away all the meat with a knife. Be careful not to cut between the feathers. 
Click on any picture below for a larger, easier to see, picture.

2. You need one box of 20 Mule Team Borax. It preserves the skin and keeps insects from getting into the tail later on. Dump lots of Borax on the base of the tail and rub it vigoursly on the tail base, both front and back. 

3. Spread the feathers out evenly (on your flat surface). Use duct tape to hold the fan feathers in place.

4. Mix together the two parts of a tube of 5-minute 2-stage epoxy and coat the base of the tail where the meat was removed. Wait 30 minutes.

5. After waiting at least 30 minutes, turn the fan over and epoxy the base on the other side. (Leave the duct tape in place.)

6. Wait another 30 minutes and remove the duct tape and you're done with the gobbler's Fan.

Remove the beard by holding it where it is attached to the body and cut it off with your knife. Rub the base of the gobbler's beard in the Borax.

Cut the turkeys legs off at the first joint. They do not have to be preserved.

You are ready to make your tail mount display. 

Tail mounting kits are available in sporting goods stores or on the internet and they are simple to use. We sell several at The tail mount will have a shelf or clip to hold the tail fan. There are usually places to attach the beard. Tie the legs together with a leather cord (or some other decorative cord) and hang the legs on the mount.

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